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  • - [Wenxin Fan] Zhao Wei is one of China's

  • A-list movie actresses.

  • At some point, she got married to a developer,

  • a businessman,

  • and the couple started to make rounds

  • in the investment world.

  • That's why the media dubbed her

  • as China's female Warren Buffett,

  • but recently people found

  • that Zhao Wei was being erased on the Chinese internet.

  • China's cracking down on the cultural world

  • because the party is very much concerned

  • about some of the influences over its younger generation.

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  • She directed a movie called "So Young" in 2013,

  • but now the movie's entry on the Chinese website,

  • if we went to Wikipedia,

  • the name of the director

  • has been replaced by punctuation marks.

  • It now reads dash.

  • And on the Chinese video streaming sites,

  • some of her best movies and TV series

  • was removed from the sites.

  • And on Weibo, the microblog site,

  • her fan page was gone along with millions of discussions

  • about her past performance and news.

  • China has always seen culture

  • as part of the force to enforce the right kind of thinking.

  • The party sees that the culture scene recently

  • has become messy,

  • especially the so-called fan culture,

  • (crowd cheering)

  • how celebrities were worshiped, especially online,

  • and the party sees a few examples of bad characters

  • who are sending the wrong message.

  • It is going after these actors who made a lot of money,

  • but had tax evasion problems.

  • One of the celebrities was removed online

  • because he was found once visiting a Japanese shrine,

  • that has always been a controversial place in China.

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  • So at the same time,

  • we're seeing the parties cracking down

  • on the private tutoring industry because it sees children,

  • especially those below K-12

  • being influenced too much outside public schools.

  • They are also regulating

  • how the kids are spending time online playing video games.

  • Zhao Wei's treatment sent a message to others,

  • especially to other celebrities,

  • because even someone like her,

  • someone with her influence

  • can't avoid being erased online.

  • (speaking in foreign language)

  • And maybe even more scarier is that, you know,

  • no reason was given.

  • The government sounds vague in what they see

  • as the correct or the wanted culture.

  • So whether you have a huge influence doesn't matter,

  • they are at the mercy of the government's policy.

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