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  • Hi vogue.

  • I'm Rose a and I'm here in paris for the sound of one show um and you guys are gonna get ready with me.

  • So yes, you edit the ending really well, like, change scene.

  • Mhm.

  • So today, I think I went for cute but not so cute, look dark, cute would be the word.

  • I put it.

  • As some days when I wouldn't put makeup on, like I wouldn't cleanse my face because I didn't have any makeup to remove.

  • But then that lead for my skin to kind of be rough.

  • So I noticed that even on my days off, when I don't have makeup on, I will always still cleanse as if I have makeup on that helps the skin be fresh for the next day.

  • They fit me perfectly and these boots are made for walking.

  • Welcome to my room.

  • I hope this is right.

  • But in the evening you say, bon swap and then the morning is important because I picked up the fight and I tried, I was like bonjour and they went with that.

  • I was, oh, I don't want to say this because I think everybody's laughing at me about this from the last of a video.

  • But I finally got my rights.

  • I'm a bit hungry.

  • Yeah, here's a tip.

  • You have to smile when you put your flush.

  • Every place here is just so pretty.

  • Even taking a walk outside is like unbelievably pretty.

  • And so I think just like sightseeing, just trying to be a provision just trying to blend in.

  • Do you have like, you know, in your dream of french from this is like the fantasy in itself just to be in paris attending a fashion show right in front of the Eiffel Tower.

  • This is the fantasy.

  • I can't ask for more.

  • Do you have a fashion to do like something you would not dare to work?

  • Oh, not dare to wear.

  • I don't think there's nothing I wouldn't try.

  • I maybe try it on me like I don't like that, but I will try it on.

  • What is this?

  • Oh my gosh, it's so pretty messy.

  • I love this.

  • I think this is probably my first vote paris edition and like that.

  • I actually have santa.

  • I love this.

  • Gonna be on my table when I go home.

  • Maskey, this is my makeup artist, she's amazing.

  • This is Meng the famous, everybody knows her and she's she does all of our stuff.

  • We're like, we're not working without her, so very glad to have her here in paris with us.

  • Our protocols.

  • What's your best angles?

  • My best angles kind of deciding this kind.

  • Oh, that was practice, right.

  • Is there any french food that you guys can want to recommend me?

  • Well, like to try while I'm here.

  • This is my question to you.

  • Do you like cheese?

  • I love cheese.

  • So Hackett Hockett chocolate, hot chocolate.

  • It's a specialty from the mountains from the alps and melted cheese.

  • Oh, you just eat melted cheese with potatoes on it.

  • Oh yeah, that sounds dreamy.

  • It's cold.

  • A hard place.

  • Local.

  • It it's hard.

  • Do you have a bag over your liquids?

  • Nice.

  • Actually.

  • Haven't thought of that, No.

  • Thank you for telling me.

  • Okay, Honey, get hub on.

  • Need to make a bag.

  • Okay.

  • Yeah.

  • All right, so we're now here at the center and show it was really nice having you over to get ready with me and thank you so much.

  • Mhm.

Hi vogue.

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