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  • One of our favorite cruise lines for expedition

  • is Celebrity, they have an expedition ship

  • less than a hundred people

  • and what they offer is just amazing,

  • with their Zodiacs and their naturalists on board,

  • and its just an incredible experience.

  • One of my personal favorites are Celebrity in the Galapagos,

  • and don't forget if you got the time to add on three or four days in Peru,

  • not to miss Machu Picchu and then of course you've got

  • the magnificent Antarctica which to me

  • is another one and those life-changing destinations.

  • One of the expedition cruises that I went on was in the Galapagos Islands on

  • Celebrity Expeditions

  • the food is included, the alcohol is included, the shore excursions are included,

  • gratuities are included

  • the only bill I had was for a massage when I left.

  • The islands we visited were very different as far as scenery.

  • On Santa Cruz Island they're two great things to see, the giant tortoises

  • and the Darwin Research Center. There are tortoises on that island

  • in the wild so you will see them both at the research center and in the wild.

  • You don't have to be an animal lover to appreciate

  • what is there, what you're seeing what adventure you're having

  • to be standing behind a giant tortoise and having your picture taking

  • it's just a wonderful experience!

One of our favorite cruise lines for expedition

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