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  • Where's your car?

  • I left it with Janeane.

  • - You're gonna let me borrow your car? - Nope.

  • It's your birthday present. My birthday's not for two weeks.

  • I know.

  • But you're still my little Rabbit, right?

  • I need to get to sleep.

  • [Engine Doesn't Crank]

  • [Turns Key, Engine Doesn't Crank]

  • Bunny! What up, doe?

  • Heard about you and Janeane, dawg.

  • - Thought you might be back home. - This ain't my home.

  • Why you up so early?

  • Up, man? I ain't even been to bed, dawg.

  • I came to talk to you... Yo, I don't got time to talk right now. I'm late for work.

  • Can you give me a ride? My ma's got the car.

  • Yo, don't tell nobody I'm livin' back here, man. All right, dawg.

  • What happened to you last night? I heard you got caught out.

  • People sayin' some fucked up shit.

  • Yeah? Yeah.

  • Man, why you still goin' to The Shelter, dawg?

  • Ain't nobody down there but a bunch of clowns who ain't got deals and never gonna get deals.

  • You need to stay at home. You know Wink's got ya. Whatever, man.

  • Look, I'm telling you, man, I'm on my way.

  • And I'm takin' you with me. You're the franchise, baby.

  • The franchise? Yeah.

  • I'm takin' a fuckin' bus to work, man.

  • Look. I was just on the horn with my man Roy Darucher.

  • That promo guy? Yeah. Now Roy's all hooked up at 98.

  • So what's he need you for?

  • What's he need me for? Talent, dawg.

  • And you know that's my specialty.

  • I'm the one that tipped him on Big O and got that fat man out of flippin' burgers.

  • Roy liked what he heard, split some cash out for that nigga's demo...

  • and... boom... just like that, Big O got himself a deal, and it's all because of me.

  • Roy paid for Big O's demo? Every penny.

  • If they thought Big O was hot, wait till they get a taste of B-Rabbit.

  • I'm building an empire. I'm taking you with me. You're next.

  • A'ight. I'll talk to you later. A'ight.

  • Call me later, dawg. Okay.

Where's your car?

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8 Mile (2/10) Movie CLIP - Wink's Big Deal (2002) HD

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