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  • In this English lesson, I wanted to help you learn the English term, elbow grease.

  • Now, this is your elbow, and grease is a lubricant that you put on machinery so that when metal moves against metal, it's nice and slippery.

  • But elbow grease, the term elbow grease simply means hard work that you do by hand.

  • Maybe you've bought an old car and it's a little bit rusty, and you wanna kind of sand all the rust out with sandpaper and paint it.

  • You could say, "Oh, it just needs a little bit of elbow grease."

  • Uh, maybe you've bought something that needs to be fixed up.

  • Maybe you bought an old machine from someone, and it just needs a new belt or a new pulley or a little bit of electrical work.

  • You could say, "It just needs a little bit of elbow grease, and it will be working again."

  • So, again, there's no such thing as grease that you put on your elbows.

  • It's simply a term that means to work hard on something, usually with your hands.

  • The other term I wanted to teach you today is the term, elbow room.

  • So, elbow room is simply the amount of room that you have around you.

  • We almost always use this in the negative.

  • We say things like, "Oh, I was on an airplane the other day, and it was really squeezed; there wasn't very much elbow room."

  • Or, "I went to the mall to do some shopping and there were so many people there, there was not... there wasn't hardly any elbow room."

  • So, elbow room is simply the room that you have around you.

  • I guess because you can't move your elbows, you don't have a lot of elbow room.

  • So, to review, elbow grease is simply hard work.

  • Um, if you just work hard on some things, you can get them working again, or they can just do better than what they're doing before with just a little bit of elbow grease.

  • We even use this for cleaning.

  • If your dishes are really dirty, with a little bit of elbow grease, you can get them clean again.

  • With a little bit of hard, physical labor.

  • And elbow room is simply the amount of room you have around you, usually used in the negative.

  • If you wonder why it seems like I'm speaking fast, it started raining, for some reason, so, I will try to slow down.

  • Hey, let's look at a comment from a previous video; is that too slow?

  • This comment is from Andres Padrón, and the comment is:

  • "Thank you, Mr. Bob, I like the introduction, 'that's upside down, isn't it?'"

  • Yeah, in the previous lesson, I had my little paper upside down.

  • "I was wondering, what happens at the farm when the winter arrives?"

  • "Does the winter stop the growing of all kinds of flowers and wheat?"

  • "Or is there still something that the farm can produce in the heavy Canadian winter?"

  • And my response is, "Winter is a time to relax and watch the snow fly on the farm. It is a nice change of pace."

  • So, yes.

  • Yes or no; I don't know how to say this.

  • Uh, no, we do not grow anything on the farm in the summer.

  • I guess I could say... no, I'll stick with no.

  • No, we don't grow anything on the farm in the summer.

  • Uh... in the summer, in the winter.

  • Now I'm speaking so quickly I'm not even answering the question properly.

  • No, we don't grow anything on the farm in the winter.

  • The winter is definitely a time where we take a little bit of time to relax.

  • Now, I still go to work, I still teach every day, I still make YouTube videos, but definitely, winter is a time where the farm is at rest, and Jen gets to rest a little bit as well.

  • Jen actually puts in really long hours right now.

  • The month of August and the month of September are very, very busy months on the flower farm.

  • I should've done this video out in the flower field.

  • But I think you've seen enough of it.

  • Um, she's very busy, so she looks forward to about the middle of October, end of October, when she can relax a little bit, uh, and just kind of watch the snow fly outside as winter begins.

  • It makes it a little challenging for me, though, to make YouTube videos in the winter.

  • There are days where it's simply too windy, simply too snowy.

  • Um... sometimes there's a blizzard.

  • It's just really hard to get outside.

  • And I actually, every once in a while, wonder why I do that.

  • Why I make videos outside.

  • And then I see everyone's comments about how much they like it, and, uh, I do like going outside, too.

  • Anyways, thanks for watching this little English lesson.

  • I'll see you in a couple [of] days with another one, bye.

In this English lesson, I wanted to help you learn the English term, elbow grease.

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Learn the English Terms ELBOW GREASE and ELBOW ROOM

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