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  • This is the good, bad, and ugly  when it comes to study techniques.

  • The ugly includes the passive forms of studying  we all default to - what we were taught in grade  

  • school. This includes re-reading your class  notes or powerpoint, or highlighting in a  

  • textbook and re-reading those highlights, or  passively listening to lecture recordings.

  • The bad is in the middle, where students have  intentions of breaking out of the passive  

  • studying purgatory, but do so suboptimallyThis includes making subpar flashcards,  

  • writing questions for yourself without writing  down thorough answers, or doing practice questions  

  • and only checking if you got the answer right or  wrong, rather than deeply reviewing the content.

  • The good study strategies have three steps. Step  1 is to first focus on comprehension through your  

  • initial exposure to the information, followed by  addressing confusion and gaps in understanding,  

  • after which you practice by applying the  information. Step 2 is memory consolidation,  

  • primarily through spaced repetition  with active recall. And step 3 is  

  • to remember the larger context to facilitate  learning. This includes optimizing the place,  

  • time, and environment in which you study.

  • For more, check out my full video on the  good, ok, and the useless of study techniques.

This is the good, bad, and ugly  when it comes to study techniques.

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