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  • Hello everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your two for Tuesday. Actually today we  

  • have a three for Tuesday! This is a homophone  lesson - the three words have different spellings  

  • different meanings but they are pronounced  exactly the same way. Our words today are vain  

  • which means pointless or a conceited  person, vane a blade pushed by the wind,  

  • and vein tubes that circulate blood. These  words again are pronounced exactly the same way!

  • To say these words correctly we're going to start  with that v sound. To do this your lips are open,  

  • you are gently biting the inside or the outside  of your bottom lip, just make sure that the air  

  • keeps moving out of your mouth, if you close  your mouth, it will sound like a b and we do  

  • not want that. Another tip is make sure that your  lips are pulled back almost like you're smiling  

  • this is because if you make another mistake  that I hear a lot of my clients do is that  

  • you pucker your lips ww and then you say a w  so we wanna vvvv not a b not a w we want v v v.

  • Next move to that long a to do this you're going  to open your mouth wide tip of the tongue is down  

  • back of the tongue is pulled up. As you close your  mouth to a smile your mouth is going to move to  

  • high and flat and then end by touching the tip of  your tongue to the back of your top front teeth 

  • for that n air moves out of your  nose let's put it all together

  • vain vein vane vain vein vane

  • And now for a sentence The vain man's  

  • blood boiled in his veins when he noticed his  friend was interested in the weather vane.

  • Give it a try i know people are going to notice  the difference if you found this helpful we'd  

  • love a like a share and a subscribe check out  all of our products on google play and iTunes  

  • and our class options at Tarle speech thanks  so much everyone i'll see you again soon!

Hello everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your two for Tuesday. Actually today we  

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How to Pronounce VAIN, VANE, VEIN - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/10/05
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