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  • Happy Halloween! It's the All the Best Stuff is from Japan Halloween Special!

  • Of course, Halloween is western, so traditionally it never existed in Japan.

  • But, like other holidays, it's crept and crawled over.

  • And people have taken it into their hearts in their own way.

  • Now, as you'd expect from the country that invented cosplay, dressing up for Halloween has caught on in a big way.

  • Not just scary costumes, but any kind of cosplay characters and dressing up; there's parades and parties.

  • And in places like Shibuya, everyone on the streets is dressed up.

  • If you go to and search for Halloween, there are so many amazing cosplays.

  • Trick-or-treating hasn't really caught on; however, the Japanese Mafiathat's the yakuzado open their doors and hand out bags of sweets to children!

  • I can't imagine the Godfather doing that!

  • And when people do go trick-or-treating, it's very, very organized.

  • You sign up to a group, and you get a map showing you which houses are participating.

  • And just so you know you're in the right place, they put up Halloween decorations outside.

  • Sometimes you pay a fee to join in, and the money's shared out between the houses to pay for the sweets.

  • And I've even seen advice saying that it's ok to just give out a couple of regular sweets.

  • Because some people had been going way over the top and wrapping up fancy gift bags to give out.

  • For some people, Halloween is seen as an excuse to go wild and be irresponsible.

  • And the morning after Halloween last year, the streets of Tokyo were covered in litter and fake blood.

  • Now this is really unusual and surprising because in general, Japanese culture is usually about being really respectful and thinking about others.

  • And usually, there's no litter on the streets at all; it's really clean.

  • So the morning after, everybody felt guilty and came out, cleaned up the streets, and took pictures of themselves cleaning, and posted them on the internet.

  • So, what else happens on Halloween?

  • In Yumenoshima Park, that's literally Island of Dreams Parkbest park name in the worldthey have a pumpkin patch.

  • And they bring the pumpkins in from north of Tokyo for kids to play on.

  • They have a pumpkin rolling race and a competition to see how far you can spit a pumpkin seed.

  • Burger King have a pumpkin burger as a Halloween special, or go for the Pumpkin Bomb, with 10 slices of pumpkin.

  • Here's an advert, "Heavy Pumpkin: 500% more pumpkin".

  • Last year at JS Burger Cafe, they had a Ghostbusters theme, with a black burgerwhich, in Japan, is nothing new, really⏤a marshmallow cream sundae and monster cream sodas.

  • At Sanrio Puroland, there's cute food, Halloween stuff, and costumes, and it's all much more cute than scary.

  • And you can get these adorable Halloween treats: a Pumpkin Pudding Kit-katthere were cheesecake and bake-able versions⏤I tried one, and it was really creamy.

  • Krispy Kreme did Krispy Skremes!

  • And this year, they're doing Mad for Monsters doughnuts.

  • Mister Donut always make cute Halloween doughnuts as well.

  • But why's Snoopy there?

  • This year they've teamed up with Hello Kitty.

  • How cute!

  • Cute ice cream sundaes from Baskin Robbins.

  • Witch's apple Puccho.

  • And Halloween Pocky!

  • Strawberry Pocky, with a witch on.

  • Pumpkin Pocky.

  • And cookies and cream panda Pocky, but the panda's turned vampire, with vampire teeth.

  • And Halloween is the same: Halloween.

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  • Subscribe to my channel, and remember: Don't take sweets from strangers, but it's fine if they're in the yakuza!

  • Happy Halloween, and see you next time! Bye-bye!

Happy Halloween! It's the All the Best Stuff is from Japan Halloween Special!

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Halloween in Japan - All the Best Stuff is from Japan

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