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  • Tacky

  • Gauche 

  • Garish

  • Let's learn some vocabulary

  • The other day, I was walking next to a nice  restaurant and they had this sign on it and  

  • my husband said, "How tacky." Why is the city making these  

  • restaurants put up this awful sign? Tacky. Not in good taste. The front  

  • of this restaurant was beautiful. They had great  plants, great style and this sign just ruined it

  • Well, my son who is five  says, "What's tacky mean?" 

  • And my husband said, "Gauche!" And I'm like what is my husband  

  • thinking? My kids not going to know "gauche". Something that's gauche is unsophisticated,  

  • a little bit awkward. This word seems it could be pronounced  

  • "gosh" but this one is actually "gauche". And Garish means bright and showy

  • What a garish sign to have to put on the  front of a beautifully styled restaurant.


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