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  • About 90 years ago, there was a banker here.

  • His name was thorpe, he made his fortune cheating.

  • The poor was a mean man.

  • He was.

  • He was a cool man?

  • It was him and his family and couple of servants, name of mama, cecile public justified.

  • So now the way I heard old man talk, he didn't know They papa justify was a two headed talk.

  • It was a conjure man and so was cecile.

  • They believe you do that was there.

  • Oh, they were famous all through the pipes.

  • They healed the sick and they hurt the means.

  • Hit a straight lick with a crooked stick as a colored say.

  • But old thought he just saw him as hell.

  • He worked into the bone.

  • He abused until one night as the story.

  • Of course there was a party, It was the bank's anniversary.

  • All the big muckety mucks were here, politicians, sugar bands, riverboat tack ons, there was a lot of drinking and dancing and a couple twists, I'm sure.

  • And then finally, when it was time to say farewell, some of the guests wanted to wish goodbye to the Children.

  • Nobody could find they hadn't seen him in hours.

  • So being all full of brandy, they made it again.

  • Let's find the Children find the room after room left.

  • Finally someone heard music voices shout up in the attic from the devil's house.

  • Yeah, it is, time lost.

  • Their servants are up there with the Children.

  • They were trying to teach them how to Kandra who do it's a half.

  • Well you weren't about insane.

  • And so did the rest of the guests.

  • I mean how long had this blasphemy been going on?

  • How the Children said it was their fault that they had wanted to learn, but they weren't having any of them.

  • All that power reach insanity.

  • The party was over.

  • Yeah, Yeah.

About 90 years ago, there was a banker here.

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