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  • Did you know the Prime Minister of Canada has a pet alien?

  • I read it online and I even saw a photo.

  • A photo!

  • It must be true, right?

  • Wrong. Turns out sometimes the news you find

  • on the Internet isn't real.

  • It's what we call fake news.

  • Sometimes the story starts as a joke

  • and then somebody takes it seriously and it spreads.

  • But why would anybody waste their time

  • inventing a fake news story?

  • It's click bait.

  • The more people click on an interesting sounding story,

  • the more people will see the ads on that web page

  • and that equals money

  • and sometimes people just want to spread their own ideas

  • or beliefs without backing them up with any facts at all.

  • Vote for me and I'll turn all rivers and ice cream by 2020.

  • That's a promise.

  • You mean that's not true?

  • I read that one online, like, a week ago!

  • Oh I love ice cream.

  • So, how can you tell if a news story is fake?

  • I know this one.

  • Watch out for: no eyewitnesses,

  • or quotes, and phony experts in a story,

  • pictures that might have been photo shopped,

  • headlines written in capital letters

  • with lots of exclamation points.

  • Yep, that's right.

  • Those things are all good indicators that the story

  • you're reading is fake.

  • Here's a few more.

  • Lots of pop ups and banner ads.

  • Lots of broken links.

  • No authors name and incomplete information

  • in the About Us section of the website.

  • Also, check the date the story was written.

  • Is this just an old story that's been recycled?

  • Are any other major websites reporting the same thing?

  • If not, the story probably isn't real.

  • And check the website address.

  • Fake URL's usually try to copy real websites,

  • often by adding unnecessary words and domains.

  • A basic rule of thumb...

  • ..if you aren't sure that a story is real, don't share it.

  • Hey, look!

  • the banana company is giving away free bPhones.

  • All I have to do is share this article with 500

  • of my friends and I could get a free--

  • Oh. Right.

  • [sighs]

  • Both: Fake news.

  • ♪ [light]

Did you know the Prime Minister of Canada has a pet alien?

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