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  • This is the most secure location that we could find in the building.

  • You notice we have plenty of security down here.

  • There’s a degree of excitement around electric vehicles we haven’t seen before.

  • But somebody’s got to be the first one out there.

  • We need a lot of people trying a lot of different things. And then we see what emerges.

  • It’s a race. It’s a total race.

  • Until we see every car on the road being electric we will not stop.

  • Oh, Elon’s going to lose his shirt. Elon’s going to get crushed!

  • God damn it, weve got to get these cars out.

  • Things keep coming along from people outside the car business and they all fall on their butts.

  • You didn’t get the message: give us the cars that we want.

  • I got a flood of emails sayingyou sold out to the oil companies and you killed my grandchildren. I hope you rot in hell.”

  • They based their whole company strategy on it. If it fails, there might not be a Nissan.

  • We need to predict the future, prepare for it, if it happens, well be ready.

  • These are people who are not going to wait around to have the solution delivered to them.

  • I want to show the world that it’s really possible.

  • This is the future, and it’s attainable.

This is the most secure location that we could find in the building.

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Official Trailer: Revenge of the Electric Car

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