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  • - Hi. - Hi!

  • I'm looking for Eddie Menuek.

  • Oh! Uh, he's not here right now, uh, I'm Chandler.

  • Can I take a message or... or a fish tank?

  • - Thanks. - Oh, oh, uh.

  • Come on in.

  • I'm Tilly.

  • Oh!

  • I gather by that "oh" that he told you about me.

  • Oh, yeah, your, uh... name came up in a, uh, conversation that terrified me to my very soul.

  • He's kind of intense, huh?

  • Yes! Hey, can I ask you, is Eddie a little...

  • - A little what? - ... bit country?

  • Come on in here you, roomie!

  • Hello, Tilly.

  • Eddie, I just came by to drop off your tank.

  • That was very thoughtful of you.

  • It's very thoughtful.

  • Well, okay, then, I'm gonna go. Bye.

  • - Bye-bye. - Bye.

  • So, we getting a fish?

  • You had sex with her, didn't you?

  • - Eddie, I didn't sleep with your ex-girlfriend. - Eh, eh...

  • That's very interesting, you know, 'cause that's exactly what someone who slept with her would say.

  • This is nuts. This is crazy. She came over for, like, two minutes, dropped off the fish tank, and left. End of story.

  • Where's Buddy?

  • - Buddy? - My fish, Buddy.

  • There was no fish when she dropped it off.

  • Oh! This is... this is unbelievable!

  • I mean, first... first you sleep with my ex-girlfriend, then you insult my intelligence by lying about it, and then you kill my fish, my Buddy?

  • Hey, I didn't kill your fish! Look, Eddie...

  • Would you look at what I'm doing here?

  • Now, that can't be smart.

  • So we're just gonna take this guy right off ya, and put him here in Mr. Pocket.

  • Tangelo?

- Hi. - Hi!

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Friends: Chandler’s Crazy New Roommate's Ex Girlfriend (Season 2 Clip) | TBS

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