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  • Come on.

  • Mm!

  • Wait, what?

  • What are you doing?!

  • Oh!

  • - Elsa!

  • -No, no! -Oh!

  • Olaf, help me stop!

  • Give me a hand!

  • Hang on!

  • Ah!

  • Wait, wait! No, no, no!

  • Oh! Come on!

  • Anna! This might sound crazy, but I'm sensing some rising anger.

  • Ugh! Well, I am angry Olaf!

  • She promised me we'd do this together!

  • Yeah, uh-huh, but what I mean is I'm sensing rising anger in me!

  • Wait, you're angry?

  • Um, I-I think so.

  • Elsa pushed me away too and didn't even say goodbye!

  • And you have every right to be very, very mad at her.

  • And you said some things never change, but since then, everything's done nothing but change!

  • I know.

  • But look!

  • I'm still here holding your hand.

  • Huh. Yeah, that's a good, that's a good point, Anna.

  • I feel better. You're such a good listener!

  • -Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh! -Don't shush me! That's rude!

  • -Sh-sh-sh-sh! -No. -No, look!

  • Oh, the giants!

  • They're huge!

  • Hang on, Olaf!

  • Huh?

  • Try not to scream.

  • Ahhhh!

Come on.

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Anna & Olaf's Bumpy Boat Ride | Frozen

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    Julianne Sung posted on 2021/09/22
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