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  • Hi, I'm Nicole Kidman. Let's get ready for bed!

  • First up, I take off my makeup, but I have a lot of hair, so I have to put my hair up.

  • This is my cleanser, put this on.

  • It smells amazing.

  • Then I wet my face, which you can't see.

  • I was always taught to take my makeup off, right.

  • You don't want to sleep with your makeup on.

  • And then... I'm a little rough, as you can see.

  • And then I have beautiful face oil, which is something that I've discovered recently.

  • This is Seratopical with CBD, so it helps with inflammation of the skin and the redness.

  • And I do sort of a, just a really quick throw it on.

  • It feels good, and I like to have moist skin.

  • And then I put in my hair oil.

  • So I just use Philip B hair oil, and because my hair is so curly, if it's straightened that oil is excellent for it, but I then braid it like this.

  • I know this must be...just makes me feel like I could sleep without it getting knotted.

  • I definitely don't talk this much.

  • I think I'm just very much about less is more now, particularly, as I get older, I'm like, ah.

  • And also having kids, I can't be bothered.

  • I love exfoliating when I get, get the chance 'cause I get really dry on my chin, and my husband he'll have three-day growth or he'll have a beard or, and that can kind of stress my skin.

  • But hey, I'll take that any day with the love he gives me, so.

  • All right, shut up now, Nicole.

  • He'll use sometimes a little bit of oil or a little bit of whatever I've got.

  • But he's, he happens to have that, that skin that just is really, really sturdy and, and just great skin.

  • And he goes out in the sun and he still has great skin, so.

  • I go out in the sun because I love running and I love swimming, but I cover myself usually in zinc, which is you can get clear zinc now and, and I always wear sunscreen.

  • And then if I'm going to bed with my husband, I put a tiny spray, he doesn't know.

  • And then put on my mouth guard, which I'm not gonna do for you and my eye mask.

  • And then sometimes I put on this beautiful heel soufflé, which is also the Seratopical's, because my feet get really dry and it's really frothy.

  • And it's... thisit's called soufflé for a reason.

  • And then as the final night, night.

  • Hopefully slumber awaits.

  • I use bedtime tea, and I love this because it always has a little something.

  • So today I'll read you what it says. It says: "Appreciate yourself and honor your soul."

  • Kind of nice.

  • And then I put it in, jiggle it around, and I sip it.

  • And I go, goodnight.

Hi, I'm Nicole Kidman. Let's get ready for bed!

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Nicole Kidman's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

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