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  • Hi everyone, I am here, courtesy of harper's to say would you like to come to bed with me?

  • Okay, lets go.

  • So I'm in my bathroom and for you guys, I'm gonna do this but early, but normally I would do it a little bit later.

  • I have my tea candle Number 34 is what I'm really obsessive right now, so I'm just gonna like that very exciting.

  • Ha just to make my brain and body know that it is time to go to bed.

  • You're not gonna see this in shock, but just know that it is, we often know that it is wafting around the room to begin with.

  • I'm gonna start with my take the day off cleansing balm, It's this oily kind of texture that is just gonna make all of the makeup that I have on my skin come off, so I'm just gonna apply that as you can see.

  • It's really I got in there and get my eyes and all of that stuff.

  • Oh yeah, we're looking sexy now, Excuse me from him when I just got to wipe this off.

  • All right, I'm just wiping it all the way.

  • Yeah, Right, and what I'm continuing to white continue over my hair's in a way, so I have to do this again, it's too much getting too much getting too intense up in here.

  • Okay, that's right, hi, this is it coming off, and I'm feeling very calm because I have my beautiful candle game, which is just delicious.

  • Excuse for sirens.

  • We are in London after all, So that's step one one and done and now I'm gonna use my all about clean Clinique cleansing milk.

  • Beautiful, gorgeous.

  • Now this also technically is a make up a river and when I've been wearing as much makers ahead on just then, um, you just wanna make sure that you've got it all off is very important to keep your face really nice and clean.

  • So down I go, right, taking it all.

  • Ah it just feels so good.

  • Taking off your makeup.

  • Do you know what I mean?

  • And you've had lots on and boom, there it goes.

  • And then what I do just like to give my skin or pat down well pat down dry because it's still a bit soppy, a bit wet, hot hot.

  • You guys are so lucky to get to see this.

  • But now my skin is clean and it is dry.

  • And so what we do next is clinic clarifying lotion, my favorite product.

  • And this is 1.0, for me because Uganda sensitive skin, so we don't want to do anything elite stronger than that.

  • So sorry, what I've done is I've just put it on this guy and I'm just gonna make sure that it's all off.

  • I am really quite rigorous about having very, very, very clean skin.

  • But what you'll see now is you just see me do to cleanse is right and guess what happened?

  • Boom, I still got makeup on my skin with friends.

  • We toned, we're ready to mr A is better Smart chemical repair rankle serum.

  • Wrinkle correcting serum, I'm sorry.

  • It's not serum to give you wrinkles, it's serum to do the opposite.

  • So I'm just gonna do a couple of pumps of this guy and then just gonna gently right on my skin.

  • I mean it's the is this guy really, isn't it largely speaking and you must apply gently.

  • Mm I swear to what I'm doing this so much nicer than what I would do at home.

  • What I would do at home and be a very different, very different story.

  • Indeed.

  • And then my friends, we apply my favorite, my baby, the Queen of the Pops.

  • And this guy is just delicious to put on because it is jelly.

  • Ooh um this is quite fun to put on and generally you don't need that much.

  • Even that's quite a lot.

  • So as you can see, I keep applying, you can't keep doing our shop idiot.

  • I apply, I apply creams and serums to my hand first and then read about it.

  • We talked it, we dropped it, we dropped it and then we rub it in.

  • Uh huh, delicious.

  • Mm You hear me?

  • And now what I would do as of now is I would run a bath.

  • I love you guys, I'm not taking my clothes off for you.

  • So what I would do.

  • Focus in the bath is I would run my bath with my yummy deputy candle and I would then apply in that bath.

  • Suzanne, Kaufman's ST john's wort bath salts and it smells really good.

  • Really?

  • Oh God, it's so yummy and I would put that in my bath that I would have scolding hot and I would just sit there and soak for ages.

  • And then on coming out of the bath, I would then apply, this is magic for me right here, the magnesium CBD cream with melatonin.

  • Like literally, how many more ways could you try and get to sleep?

  • This guy, this guy is the champion.

  • So I will apply that all over my body and then I would roll it out because I get really really, really tight, like my muscles get really tight.

  • Uh huh This guy is amazing.

  • You can, this is my travel one because I'm traveling right now and it goes flat like that and you can just pack it and then when a man much, okay, what's it called, brazen performance life.

  • Um so I would roll on that, but again, you're not gonna see it and shot.

  • So this guy and then before I go to bed I would put this guy on so we can do this now give my hair a little, a little brush through the princess and the pea a little brush through and then apply my, this is the one I actually use, it's a little bit, it feels like it's a little bit grubby but and it is my sleep mask to go to sleep.

  • so pop this on.

  • I put some wax earplugs in so I just want to say thank you so much for coming to bed with me.

  • Um Good night.

  • Yeah.

Hi everyone, I am here, courtesy of harper's to say would you like to come to bed with me?

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Emilia Clarke's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With me | Harper's BAZAAR

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