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  • nobody moved ready to fill your freezer.

  • You got a full clip.

  • Never leave home without it had half their.

  • You point your guns in my snake.

  • I'm the sheriff lady.

  • Who the hell are you?

  • I don't care who you are, you're not killing my snake.

  • You see I'm the one who says who kills who and what Around here?

  • Right now you're on my list.

  • This is a controlled animal reserve.

  • Drop your gun.

  • Tell your henchman to stand down.

  • Let me just educate you a little bit those snakes, the property of the Wechsel Corporation.

  • You killed them and I am going to sue the town of Lake Placid into bankruptcy.

  • Got a little tricky.

  • Don't you think to attract tourists to a ghost town?

  • Now I'm gonna put him down for the night.

  • My extraction team is gonna bring them back to the lab.

  • The annual college field trip.

  • Can do whatever you want with your crocodiles.

  • Beach extraction team.

  • This is Black Lake recovery.

  • Get ready for extraction, radio, loud and clear.

  • We're here then again beach.

  • Kill the damn crocs.

  • Don't let them kill the mail.

  • What the hell was that?

  • Everything I've seen today.

  • Nothing would surprise me Except that she's here.

  • That's one big ass snake.

  • Oh, oh, that's my girl.

  • My coordinates.

  • Gentlemen, prepare for snake extraction roger that we have eyes on you.

  • That's okay baby, I'll be home soon.

  • Looks like your extraction team.

nobody moved ready to fill your freezer.

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Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015) - Anaconda vs. Helicopter Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

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