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  • My name is Sandy Shook I'm a homeless person, I live here in the Austin Area

  • This is Joseph Costello, I've known Joseph for a couple of months

  • We got this idea for a video, we are going to try around as myself and ask for money

  • Then we'll go back to the same areas and asking the same questions but with me in a business suit

  • I hope you enjoy this video

  • Yeah I want to give special thanks to Sandy for being a part of this

  • This video would not be possible at all, if Sandy didn't agree to do this

  • This is a really cool experiment we came up with, and I hope you guys learn something from it 'cause I really did.

  • Enjoy it, special thanks for Sandy Thank you

  • Alright, let's get in

  • How is it going Joseph? It's good, it's good

  • It's good to see you

  • How do you look?

  • Wow...

  • Fresh! Let's do it

  • Excuse me but I need 50 cents for a bus ticket, I'm just a little bit short

  • I need just 50 cents to go. I'm kinda in a big hurry

  • Oh thank you sir so much! Thank you sir

  • Oh thank you! 2 dollars! Thank you so much

  • Thank you, thank you so much

  • I'm about a dollar short for a subway sandwich

  • Uh I think I got a dollar

  • It's embarrassing to have to ask

  • Oh thank you so much

  • Five dollars, I asked for 25 cents for a cup of coffee and he said:

  • It's too hot today for a cup of coffee, and soon he pulled out a five

  • I'm a quarter short for a cup of coffee, can you help me?

  • Oh that's ok, that's ok

  • You know what? I actually have a quarter, I'm good, I'm good. Thank you

  • Are you homeless?

  • That's really heartwarming that you were to give him a quarter

  • Oh really?

  • Let me help you out really quick

  • Thank you

  • Take it! Thank you

  • God bless you No problem

  • I'm short by about 50 cents for a cup of coffee, I really need a cup of coffee

  • My name is Sandy, I need 50 cents for a bus ticket

  • Sorry

  • Hello, I need about 50 cents for a bus ticket

  • I'm just a dollar short from a Subway sandwich

  • I'm sorry man

  • No

  • I didn't even say anything

My name is Sandy Shook I'm a homeless person, I live here in the Austin Area

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The Real Homeless Man Experiment

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    Amber Chang posted on 2014/08/15
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