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  • To very, or not to very, that is the question.

  • The word "very" is an adverb; it is also known as an intensifier.

  • "Very" can be used in many different ways, but I'm going to tell you how and why and you shouldn't use "very" so often.

  • For example, instead of saying "very cold", you can say "freezing cold".

  • Freezing cold... very cold.

  • Just like smart or clever, instead of saying "very smart" or "very clever", you would want to use "brilliant" or "genius".

  • Just like wet, instead of saying "very wet", you would like toor you should use "soaking" or "soaking wet".

  • How about for "valuable"?

  • Instead of saying "very valuable", a lot of people will say "priceless".

  • Just like angry; instead of saying "very angry", people will say "furious".

  • When it comes to food, people say "very good" or "very tasty"; the word that you want to use is "delicious".

  • How about for small?

  • Instead of saying "very small", you're gonna wanna say "teeny", "teeny tiny", or even smaller, you're gonna want to say "microscopic".

  • Try to notice the times that you use "very"; there's probably a good chance that you have a better word that you can use.

  • So, use it.

  • Since this is a very unique videowait, very unique.

  • Can we use "very unique"? We're gonna talk a little bit more when you can't use very.

  • So, this is Andrew with Yappi Corporate, and until next time.

To very, or not to very, that is the question.

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