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  • Hey guys, this is Jackson Wang and I'm here to share my nighttime routine with you guys.

  • And uh yeah, let's get to bed.

  • My skin is very sensitive.

  • Uh, I used to have really, really bad skin, and then I kind of studynot really stubut I kind of dig deep into finding my own routine to take care of my own skin.

  • It's the matter of what you eat, what you drink, what you... what you put on your face and how, how you...

  • Do you really... do you usually like touch touch your face a lot?

  • It's all those small things combined together that affects the outcome.

  • I take a shower at night and, in the morning too, at night, and then washing my face would be the last thing I do in my shower routine.

  • I dry myself and then I start putting my toner on.

  • When you touch your face, you do it gently.

  • And then you put your essence. Gently put it on your face.

  • And then you put your moisturizer.

  • Usually, usually for my, for my moisturizer, I don't use my hand to take it out.

  • You know, I trust my hands even though they're clean, even though I wash them, but it's better to use a spoon.

  • And then I put it here. Make sure you get everything.

  • Also, it's important to moisturize your, uh, to keep your face moisturized because you don't want your face to, to feel like a desert, right?

  • That's important. You want to look good, look fresh, feels nice.

  • And then next up, this is my nighttime routine. Usually in the daytime after my moisturizer, I would put sunblock.

  • If that day I don't have a shoot, if I don't have to be in front of the camera, then I'll use just a sunblock and I'll end there for my routine.

  • But now it's nighttime right before bed.

  • Then I'll put my moisturizer, and the next thing I put is sleeping pack. Sleeping pack. A huge chunk of sleeping pack.

  • And then you go to sleepbut not me. Every day before I sleep I stretch.

  • It's important to stretch because it keeps your blood circulation going.

  • After I stretch before I sleep, I, uh, you know, I'm in my room. I turned turn my light off, leaving probably like one lamp on, and then drink a little Maotai.

  • If you don't know what Maotai is, It's a very Chinese traditional alcohol.

  • Before I sleep, I just drink a little Maotai, you know, in a, in a glass.

  • There are two balls inside, if you don't know. Like there are two balls inside the Maotai, so it keeps like the waterfall limited you know.

  • Fun fact, right? Fun fact. Pour it up. Probably usually before I sleep, I kind of drink until around this,

  • and then I'll probably, you know, listen to some music or even the recent projects that I'm working on, you know, to get some inspirations or even think by myself, I'm in my zone.

  • But now these days I'm, you know, I'm living with my producer.

  • So we have a sip together, you know, before we sleep.

  • We talk about the music, you know, the concept, the treatment.

  • A lot of the times, um, this moment gives me a lot of inspirations for creatives, right?

  • I'll just now listen to music, you know.

  • I love this because it burns my throat. I love it so much.

  • I love the feeling how it burns my throat.

  • Like it feels like someone's... It feels like someone, it feels like...

  • You know what it feels like? It feels like lava. M A O, T A I.

  • It's Maotai. Try it out. Chinese traditional alcohol.

  • It's probably like the vodka of, uh, everywhere else, you know?

  • Yeah guys, this is my uh, nighttime skincare routine, and I hope you guys enjoyed it.

  • Uh, I shared a little bit about myself and my personal life, private life about like how I how I live.

  • I hope you guys like it, and be sure to check out my latest release, my recent release single, my new single Drive You Home.

  • I love you guys. For my fans, for my supporters, I can't wait until to see you guys soon.

  • I miss you guys a lot.

  • Uh, after all this pandemic, I wish we can travel again and I'll see you guys next time. Yeah, I love you guys.

Hey guys, this is Jackson Wang and I'm here to share my nighttime routine with you guys.

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Jackson Wang’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

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