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  • Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your Two for Tuesday.

  • This is a homophone lesson. The words are pronounced exactly the same way, the only difference is the spelling and the definition.

  • Our words today are "made", which is the past and  past participle of "to make", and "maid", a domestic servant or a young unmarried woman.

  • So to say these words correctly, let's think of  three little sounds. The "M" sound will start.

  • To say this sound, lips are together, and air is moving out of your nose.

  • Move to that long "A"—open your mouth wide to get that tongue tip low, and then the tongue moves to behind the top, to the back  of the top front teeth,

  • then after thatyour tongue is there, so then, just  touch the back of your teeth for that "D" sound.

  • Made, made, made. Made, made, made.

  • And now for a sentence! The maid made the bed.

  • Give it a try! I know people are going to notice the difference.

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  • Thanks everyone, have a great week!

Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your Two for Tuesday.

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How to Pronounce MADE & MAID - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/09/07
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