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  • [yawns]

  • OK.

  • Welcome into my day in the life.

  • Stacie is helping me out so I could show you my day.

  • Hi Stacie.

  • Thank you for doing this.

  • It is Saturday so I usually wake up pretty late.

  • And then I get up and try not to trip over things,

  • and I open the blinds.

  • Dreamhouse, please open the blinds.

  • It's pretty great having a smart house.

  • I just love this view, it is so fantastic.

  • Hello Malibu, good morning!

  • On Saturday's I like to slide down the stairs.

  • You know my stairs turn into a slide, right?

  • I mean, when you've got creative parents

  • mixed with kids and architects.

  • I love my house. It's such a dream.

  • Woo!

  • And then I like to make myself a smoothie.

  • Oooh! How does an avocado, blueberry, honey smoothie sound?

  • Yum!

  • Girls! Pancakes with blueberries!

  • Yes, please.

  • Family Saturday pancake breakfast...yum!

  • Sometimes I sing or play the piano to help me wake up.

  • Taffy likes to join me.

  • Things might be different, ♪

  • not what you think. ♪

  • But there's a whole world that's out there to see. ♪

  • Just gotta let go. ♪

  • [Taffy banging and howling as she bangs on the keys]

  • Nice job, Taffy.

  • That was really good.

  • You feel more awake now too.

  • [breathless]

  • Then I get myself moving on the trampoline.

  • Ohh! Whoo!

  • Maybe not such a great idea

  • right after Saturday family breakfast though.

  • Or I like to walk on the beach and hear the ocean.

  • Such a peaceful way to start the day.

  • Sometimes I surf.

  • Sometimes I snack.

  • Ah!

  • Or go back to bed.

  • Read, draw, maybe even take a nap if it's been a long week.

  • I mean it is Saturday, right?

  • But not today, because...

  • Today I am going to Nikki's fashion show.

  • She's been teaching a design course at the rec centre.

  • So first, I am going to show you my Saturday make up routine.

  • I've already washed my face and I already have

  • a moisturizer on with an SPF of 30.

  • I then put on a little blush.

  • Like this.

  • And a little mascara to make my eyes pop.

  • Like that.

  • And then that's usually it.

  • I'm not really a big make up person as a rule

  • but in this case for Nikki's special event,

  • I'm going to do a little bit of this.

  • I don't know if you can tell but it's pink sparkles.

  • See!

  • And that's it.

  • A day in the life of me.

  • Thank you, Stacie.

  • Well, I'm off to the show.

  • I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Bye.

  • Oh...

  • P.A.C.E.


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