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  • I've loved my little beekeeping journey, it really connects you to nature.

  • Being able to get your own honey is joyful thingBees are absolutely amazing every time there's a  

  • new wave of flowers it's different texturedifferent colour, different flavour delicious.

  • So I'm going to be using this beautiful honey  on the top of my pizza and it's going to divide  

  • opinion but you have to trust me. This ismozzarella and pecorino pizza with grapes and  

  • honey. It's a flavour sensation. This is going to  get people going what's that? How? when? why? what?  

  • Really!? Oh. Right, that is what this pizza doesHere I have some lovely pizza dough, by the way  

  • if you want the pizza dough recipe I'll put a link  down below. So this is about 150 grams worth. Put it  

  • on a floured surface. Flour your hand, right. So you  could roll it out but then you destroy all the air  

  • So just gently ease it, pull it and let gravity  stretch it and you can just move it around. Use the  

  • sides of your fingers and as it gets big enough  then start using your fist like that and I've  

  • worked with chefs that are so fast at this and  I've never really got too fast at it but I keep  

  • trying. So the oven is nice and hot it's about 240  degrees. If you're gonna do this in a normal oven  

  • at home that's completely fine. Get it on full  whack preheat it and that's when you'd have  

  • something like a pizza stone and that would be  really useful. I'm using a little wooden peel here.  

  • If you're doing pizza at home I use just a little  wooden chopping board. You want to just pull it on  

  • here like that. Then let's get on to the flavoursSo I'll just take a little bit of mozzarella  

  • don't need much at all just distribute it around  the little pizza. I'm going to be quite generous  

  • with pecorino of course you can use parmesan but  the pecorino's got an amazing tang. So it's the  

  • cheese actually that's the base, not tomato. Finely  slice a nice red onion you could use shallots if  

  • you wish. A little bit of rosemary in with that  red onion. With the grapes you can leave some whole  

  • and you can cut some in half and then I can putlittle bit of rosemary. Just give it a little bash,  

  • tiny pinch of salt, go in with the grapes and  the onion. Olive oil, a tiny swig of vinegar,  

  • pepper and mix it up. So I've put the cheese  on the bottom because that will ooze and melt  

  • and then distribute the red onion around the  top and I want to go heavy on the grapes. If  

  • you have different types of grapes, even betterGreen ones, different flavours. pine nuts on top.  

  • So when you take this to the oven, whether it's a  wood oven or indoors. You want to get there with  

  • an indoor oven, open the oven quickly and shake  it onto that pizza stone, close the door. You want  

  • to keep the heat. With this oven it's got up to  temperature, go in and let's show you what happens.  

  • You can go bigger and thinner, lovely crispy and  delicate. You can go a little bit shorter and  

  • fatter, more fluffy and spongy it's your choiceIf you want you can even fold it over so it's  

  • like a semi half moon and that makes a little  calzone, beautiful. So here we go lovely people

  • have a little look at that. Bubbling, sizzlinggorgeous and then of course at the end, honey and  

  • that works with the salt of the cheese in the most  beautiful way, joyful. Fragrance from the rosemary,  

  • tang and saltiness from the cheese, sweetness  from the grapes of the honey. Let's do this.

  • I'll never get bored of that.

  • So next time you make pizzas at home, go forthDo one's margarita, do one's American hot,  

  • but about three pizzas in do this. Like  throw in the curve ball, you won't regret it.

I've loved my little beekeeping journey, it really connects you to nature.

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Honey & Grape Pizza | Jamie Oliver

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