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  • Oh god! It's so bad on my toes.

  • (Guys describe girl beauty secrets)

  • (How does a push-up bra work?)

  • They kind of just like..

  • I have no idea.

  • It must be something with these straps.

  • Gravity?

  • There's probably padding? This... That will be my guess.

  • I feel like it works, well.

  • (What are the steps to applying makeup?)

  • There are steps? I thought you just put on makeup.

  • It's just like a house. You gotta start with the foundation.

  • After the foundation there's a powder process?

  • Step 1: foundation.

  • Uhm, step 2: make up.

  • I guess you work your way up?

  • Here, and then go outwards.

  • I didn't even know there were steps.

  • (How do you do "the hair towel thing?" )

  • I feel like I got this down pretty good.

  • - Okay. - So, it's something like, you know like the Karate Kid.

  • Like that?

  • You drape it!

  • You curl it!

  • And you flip it!

  • (What are pasties and how do they work?)

  • I heard of pasties as a child when watching the VMAs.

  • And seeing Lil Kim...

  • Pasties are like pastries, they're like a dessert.

  • For a smooth look with or without your bra...oh.. I get what they do.

  • That's where the nipple goes.

  • (How do you walk in high heels?)

  • Again, magic.

  • By showing great strength and character.

  • You just put these on and start walking. I don't think there's a trick to do it.

  • Feeling this is not gonna fit me.

  • Alright, yeah, it's not easy.

  • I feel... very tall.

  • XX. It's tap-dancing, this mother XXX.

  • It's not as strikingly uncomfortable as I thought. I feel like a few hours in this though...

  • I'm an ignorant man, when it comes to that.

  • It's like shackles on my feet.

  • I feel like I'm walking on fire.

  • Thank you.

Oh god! It's so bad on my toes.

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Guys Explain Girl Beauty Secrets

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    林彥君 posted on 2022/03/15
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