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  • Hello Liz be happy birthday, be high be happy birthday Beyonce High Queen, Hey be happy birthday Beyonce, Happy BJ, Happy Birthday Beyonce High B.

  • It's chris here from Coldplay.

  • Happy Birthday Beyonce taylor, Happy Birthday Beyonce, Happy 40th birthday, Beyonce, Happy 40th birthday, Beautiful Beyonce be happy birthday from what to do and so happy to see you on the cover of harper's bazaar after I turned the town Beyonce Fi birthday to you mm welcome to your forties.

  • This is the best decade.

  • Let me tell you the forties are everything you have been waiting for.

  • I hope your forties are filled with the love that you seek and I love that you deserve, you deserve all of the best and the most happiness especially today on your birthday.

  • I can't believe how much you've accomplished in 40 years You've given me and so many others permission to be free to embrace all that we are.

  • You've given us a blueprint for excellence that when we think you can't surpass yourself, you do no pressure and on behalf of the native son community, we thank you for 40 years of slaves.

  • You are such a gift to the world.

  • Thank you for being an inspiration to me, to my kids.

  • To brown skin girls all over the world, to non brown skin girls all over the world.

  • You are magic.

  • You are an endless inspiration every time I step on the track.

  • You are an incredible force, of nature, of art, of light of beauty in this world and I'm so happy to celebrate you today.

  • Yeah, my favorite Beyonce song would be a song called smash into you and Sasha fierce that I want to run smashing T if I was a boy.

  • Even just for a day, I don't know.

  • Happy, happy 40th birthday to the Queen and happy birthday to the icon herself.

  • Happy, happy birthday!

  • Thank you so much for investing in another young black woman from the south, truly trying to make her dreams come true.

  • Thank you for being vulnerable enough to show the many facets of an evolving woman in your work.

  • Thank you so much for sharing just a small bit of your purpose with us.

  • Thank you for your grace, your humanity, your bravery.

  • The world is a better place with you in it.

  • Thank you for being such a inspiration.

  • I'm forever grateful for you and the fact that you have paved the road that every female artist is walking down now then the fact that you've done so with such kindness and such grace, I just to say I admire you, it's like there's just not a word for it.

  • Thanks for keeping us so inspired and entertained and joyful.

  • I'm happy to be your fan and your friend too and I send you all my love.

  • Happy birthday, we love you.

  • I love you the world loves you.

  • We are all nothing without you.

  • So happy birthday!

  • Beautiful creature.

  • Happy birthday to a woman who supports other women.

  • Happy birthday to a sister who dares to challenge the status quo.

  • Happy Birthday Beyonce.

  • Happy 40th birthday of Queen Beyonce.

  • I love you still very much.

  • We love you so very much to Happy Birthday from white class.

  • Yeah.

  • Can I throw a party on y'all's vote?

  • Just a little part, You know, it's too soon.

  • It's your birthday.

  • I'm sorry, I think about it.

  • I love you so much.

  • Happy Birthday Beyonce.

Hello Liz be happy birthday, be high be happy birthday Beyonce High Queen, Hey be happy birthday Beyonce, Happy BJ, Happy Birthday Beyonce High B.

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