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  • Okay, this is 22 Bruton Street, and today, Jean Muir has been remembered by a blue plaque up there on the wall and this is the salon that she had.

  • You see, even though Jean Muir was known for lots of navy blue and black and heavy silk jersey, she did extraordinary things.

  • I mean, look at that, these would be handmade Perspex buttonsand that hat, that would have been Jean just going, "You know, darling, just fun, just fun".

  • She used to just draw colour schemes and shapes and then it would be transferred.

  • This is wool. Look at those colours! When we did the little fashion showsand they were little because they had to fit in this small L-shaped roommasses of tiny gold chairs were bought.

  • And all of the grandest people would be there. You could hear the buzz and I would sit to the models in there.

  • And there's a wonderful iconic photograph of four of usme, Kelly, J.J., and Roz (Wilkins), sitting on the ground.

  • The photograph has us clutching little glasses of champagnejust before she'd say "Champagne darlings! Champagne, champagne, champagne."

  • And Harry would have put on some jazz something smoochy and cool and then we would just walk out

  • It just felt unbelievably sophisticated and cool, and right and a glass of champagne and people were just magic.

  • And you scruffling along in your own scabby life, just for a minute you're elevated walking with the angels—I adored it.

  • She loved working in leather and you can be sure that although I can't touch this, it would be as soft as silk she got the softest leather imaginable and it's stitched with leather as well.

  • The plaque scheme has been run by English Heritage since 1986, and Miss Muir brings the plaque count across Greater London to a total of 970.

  • And English Heritage are doing thatthey're doing about I think 50 percent of the plaques are going to be for women.

  • So those of us who are women can walk around and just look up and go, "That's great."

  • That is a dress I actually still have at home.

  • This cape from here was attached to the side seam, but it fell loose as a cape behind so when you moved, it slightly swungso gorgeous! Gorgeous!

  • I worked closely with Jean Muir for nine years, but whatever the circumstancesto myself and to everyone else who worked with her, she remained 'Miss Muir', never Jean.  

  • Her uncompromising approach inspired tremendous loyalty.

  • But the workroom staff, they were the people she really loved.

  • Look! Oh, no, no! Look! It says Miss J LumleyLittle buttons, satin, little darling dress, and I think it's probably in the Museum of Scotland now.

  • I'm part of a museum piece. I'm so thrilled.

  • She respected craftsmanship, and that's why she rejected the title 'designer' and loved  'dressmaker'. She liked people who did things.

  • Now, this is the nearest she got to designer logos. Lovely sleeves, flippety-floppity, little sweet neck.

  • This is what the over stitching she was so renowned forwhite on this vivid green. Beautiful Perspex kind of designed by herjiggy-jaggy belt.

  • When you wore Jean Muir, you were the star.

  • She couldn't bear it if the dress was going to look more important than you. It always did.

  • To be here in Bruton Street and to know that there's a blue plaque that has been dedicated to her is the absolute business.

  • We'll never forget her, she's an immortal, she's a legend.  

  • Now this shows that Jean Muir is actually forever part of history. My greatest pride and honour is to unveil the plaque to Jean Muirthe best of the very best.

  • She was remarkable you know. The more I think about her the more utterly exceptional she was.  

  • I knew her and I worked for her. I walked for her, I wore her clothes. I knew a legend.

Okay, this is 22 Bruton Street, and today, Jean Muir has been remembered by a blue plaque up there on the wall and this is the salon that she had.

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