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  • when I look in the mirror and I'm in my crop top.

  • Oh, I look sexiest.

  • Sorry?

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

  • I love wearing crop tops watching like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and Shakira and like they're all Shiming and dancing their belly shirts, I am pro crop top, get you a lot of attention in stairs, which is always nice.

  • I never wear crop tops.

  • In fact wear a crop top every day.

  • What?

  • This is the first time I've ever intentionally want to crop top meaning being a plus sized girl with tummy, you know, your shirts can like right up on you and then you got like some money, the poo action going on.

  • I wanted to wear this higher.

  • I don't mind showing my stomach, it's there, it's not going anywhere.

  • I think it actually looks cute actually feel like they make me look a little curvy now because it adds a little bit of a, they're not cropped for me, I'm too short.

  • So they're usually like, I either have to go to like the kids section or baby section and get like an extra small t shirt.

  • They come right out of my belly button, which is, I think the right wing, I think it's too short when it's like borderline like garbage.

  • I'm 5 10.

  • So it's hard to find crop tops that are proportional for me because I'm 5 11.

  • They become too short and they don't fit over my bus properly because I have a larger chest that the fabric isn't long enough.

  • It's gonna really just look like an extended pini top or something.

  • The crop top is too high.

  • I would wear like a spandex sports brought under it.

  • I usually never wear crop top that's like so tight around the chest.

  • I usually wear them when they're just like a little bit more flowy crop top options are few for blood ties girl, it's olympic and forgot that because I saw more plus brands showcasing plus girls in crop tops.

  • It helped me to start wearing more crop tops and made me feel comfortable to do.

  • So I think the availability of crop tops for plus size women is better.

  • There are more options, but I think that we can, you know, use some more, I wanna sequent crop top.

  • That's what I wanted.

  • My size crop talks to get a bad rap because you're showing more skin than you should.

  • I was taught never to like show your stomach.

  • This piece of skin to me is pretty safe as showing skin goes.

  • It's a little bit like sensual, but it's not like sexual.

  • I would never wear not high waisted jeans with the crop top, just too much showing.

  • I would want a bottom that's high waisted.

  • I usually wear crop tops with high waisted option.

  • I like a high waist and not just to cover my stomach because really my stomach cannot be covered.

  • It makes my body looks longer If I wear higher waist.

  • I usually feel a little bit self conscious in a crop top when the bottoms of the pants or a skirt that I'm wearing are a little bit too tight.

  • And then the amount of skin around my stomach feels like a little bit bulbous if it's like doing that weird, like flukey thing.

  • Yeah, it's like a muffin top and I don't really like that term.

  • So I've just kind of rebranded it.

  • I guess I personally own like three crop tops I go to here and on my good days, on my good days, I'm in those crop top.

  • I'm not good week when I had a lot more vegetables and drink that water when you go to like beach, you're like the barbecue and you're like, oh, I looked good at first and then later on like, oh gosh, like two hamburgers in.

  • When I go out in a crop top.

  • Now there is always that feeling of like, oh my God, I'm like kind of naked.

  • I definitely walk around like are people looking at me, which is like an away.

  • Normally I'm a little bit more of a conservative dresser, I guess you could say I'm an indian woman.

  • I grew up with pretty conservative parents.

  • So even showing this much skin is like, strange to me in 2018 might seem weird, but it seems really normal to all of my Indian friends, you grew up with similar parents, showing my skin has always been a very touchy subject for me because I have eczema.

  • So even like, now I have some, like, scars from magazine, my tummy.

  • So, being in this crop top with the scars is a little much, but I think, you know, we're living in a day and age where people are showing the stretch marks that showing, you know, they're scars.

  • So I feel like comforted in the sense that we're all coming together and just talking about.

  • But bodies do.

  • My stretch marks come up to a little bit above my belly button.

  • I started wearing crop tops around just my friends and once I wore them around my friends and I got comfortable.

  • Then I started wearing crop tops out in public more for myself, maybe 10 years ago.

  • I don't think I would have ever wanted to show any of this, but I think it's really powerful thing when you learn to accept that and just own it.

  • If you're afraid to wear a crop top, don't knock it till you try it.

  • And I'm feeling really good.

  • I'm not walk off set with this day, crop tops make me feel just like I'm on top of the world and I can conquer anything yellow.

  • You only live once where the crop top, It would be like a practice what you preach moment If I wouldn't tell someone to go out and wear a crop top, I would say do it.

  • I'm doing it.

  • You can do it too.

  • Here I am Glamour dot com.

  • I'm in a crop top.

  • I never thought I would see this day, but here she is.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

when I look in the mirror and I'm in my crop top.

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