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  • Breakups suck, and there's no way around them other than going through the hoops.

  • As painful as it is right now, we want you to know that I won't always be this way.

  • Here are the seven stages of heartbreak.

  • One: obsession for answers.

  • We often yearn for closure because the confusion hurts too much.

  • But closure doesn't always come; and more importantly, it doesn't change the outcome.

  • You might be determined to gather answers from your ex-partners' family, friends, or coworkers, but eventually, playing detective gets old, which is why you move to stage two, denial.

  • You might have stopped searching for clues and answers, but this doesn't mean you're ready to accept things just yet.

  • It's too much for you to process still.

  • So you're avoiding it for now, hoping it's just a bad dream you'll wake up from.

  • Three: sorrow.

  • But no matter how hard you try denying the truth, it eventually catches up to you.

  • You start asking yourself, "why me?"

  • And this time, you really let the waterworks out.

  • Four: relapse.

  • So, you finally manage to see the breakup is really happening, but you're not ready to let them go.

  • You try to win them back and come up with a million reasons why they should still be with you.

  • Five: anger, but it doesn't work.

  • You feel fed up and angry about the situation.

  • You start holding onto grudges because it's better than not holding onto anything at all.

  • Six: acceptance.

  • But even then, you eventually grow tired of resenting your ex.

  • So, you try something healthier by accepting the breakup for what it is.

  • You're not necessarily happy about it, but you're no longer bitter either.

  • Seven: hopefulness.

  • Breakups can leave us feeling scarred and doubtful, but the heart knows how to mend over time.

  • When you're ready, you start dating again and see your past relationship as a lesson.

  • It's important to remember that all the heartbreak you go through should be taken as an experience.

  • Each one brings you one step closer to finding that perfect one.

  • Are you going through a breakup?

  • If so, which stage are you in?

Breakups suck, and there's no way around them other than going through the hoops.

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The 7 Stages of Grieving a Heartbreak

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