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  • martin Luther king, you know, great man in history, Malcolm.

  • X, great man in history standing up for us so that we can sit together.

  • Blacks and whites work together, Freedom grow together, that's beautiful.

  • Monza, Nonviolent, non verbal, we shall overcome.

  • I've been to the mountaintop.

  • Nonviolent, nonviolent Malcolm said yeah, but by any means necessary martin said Nonviolence, Nonviolence, by any means necessary martin and Malcolm was saying the same thing.

  • They just have different opinions and different approach just to it.

  • And I thought that was beautiful.

  • I said that's all right.

  • You know, But then one day I was watching and martin Luther king and I'm named after martin.

  • I was proud boy and I watched him go through Birmingham Alabama and uh his racist white boy picked up a rock, you know, like a half a bold or some shit.

  • And he pitched that motherfucker like he was pitching for the Orioles by and hit martin in his head.

  • All martin did will say, oh nonviolent, nonviolent.

  • Don't nobody do nothing.

  • Nonviolent, nonviolent.

  • My head's bleeding right now, don't nobody do nothing.

  • We shall overcome.

  • I've been to the mountaintop, I'm having a dream right now.

  • Nonviolent, nonviolent, nonviolent and I was proud.

  • I said, damn, that takes a strong man to get hit in the head with a half a boulder and still say nonviolent, damn.

  • Oh, but if you like me then one time you would have loved to hear martin say another one of you motherfuckers hit me with a rock, I'll beat your bitch ass, you motherfucker.

  • Fuck that Coretta, these *** think I'm solved.

  • Let me show you how martin get down, motherfucker.

  • That's how Mark get down.

  • Uh huh.

  • And I know he got on his boys.

  • I know he was here and she said, jesse, dammit, You've seen who Through that fucking rock, Jesse, get off your ass and go handle that.

  • Stop chasing them, hoes, jesse.

  • Start again.

  • Yeah, Yeah.

martin Luther king, you know, great man in history, Malcolm.

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