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Are you in a horrible relationship?
Are you trying to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend but can't?
Are you trying to dump somebody but don't know what to say?
Well...today is your lucky day. You've come to the right place.
I'm gonna teach you the best, most effective, 100 percent guaranteed break up lines.
You will walk out single, and ready to mingle like a pringle.
These are the most success...popu... These one work!
(Best Break Up Lines)
It's not you...It's me.
Just kidding...It's definitely you...Girl, Bye!
The doctor told me I have the new allergy.
Oh no... What are you allergic to?
I'm allergic to your BO...So, Sorry.
Hey...It's not you...It's your mom! I'm in love with your mom.
Excuse you! My mom is fifty.
Your mama got it go and on. Can I have her number?
Dang! Your ex is really attractive.
Me! Bye!
I just save 50 percent of my money on Valentine's Day by switching to single. Bye.
Hey! Did you fall from heaven? Cuz your face is pretty messed up.
I cannot do it anymore. We're done.
Hey! Wanna see a cool magic trick?
Oh...sure. I love magic tricks.
Abracadabra cajan! Poof! You're single.
Wait, what?
Classic Z formation.
Hey! Wanna hear a funny joke?
Oh sure...I love jokes
Our relationship.
Hey I just met you and you are crazy. I got a new number so call me never。
Hey so I heard a song today and it described our relationship perfectly.
Oh...oh really? What is it?
Well...fliggle my giggle. That is just rude.
Did you hear about that new movie that is called other people?
You know...I don't think I've heard that movie.
That what I want to see. As in... I wanna see other people. So...Bye.
You are so nice and you're pretty in all that but
U.G.L.Y You ain't got no alibi. You ugly. Eh Yeah! You ugly.
Well...Excuse me. Never in my life have I ever met someone so rude.
Hey baby...Can I read you a poem I wrote?
Oh...No way! You shouldn't have.
Roses are red, violets are blue. Trashes dumped and so are you.
Hey...I'm really sorry but our relationship is about as real as your weave. Girl...Bye.
This is 100 percent authentic.
I am an independent Black woman who does not need a man.
I'm out!
Knock knock
Who's there? Single!
Single who? Single you!
So... sometimes I felt like we're gonna date forever.
Awe... You just as sweet as loving.
But then again, I sometimes have the feeling that I can do crystal meth, and then I think... better not.
Thank you guys so much for watching. Please give this video a big thumbs up for me and comment below some other break up lines.
Make sure you subscribe to me. If you're not, i make videos every Sunday on this channel and please follow me on Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram and the rest of my stuffs I'll have down here.
I recently just gone on District Line Store and I have two new shirts up for sale. You can check out the link for that as well down below.
That's pretty much it. I'll see you guys next Sunday. O K BYE SEE YOU LATER
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75093 Folder Collection
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