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  • Unit 1

  • Wrestling with cultural differences

  • Read about it

  • At age 18

  • Cute cute shoes at noboru left his native Mongolia for Japan

  • They dreamed of competing in Japan's national sport

  • Sumo wrestler

  • However the longer he lived in the new environment

  • The more challenges that young athletes had to face

  • Amundi struggles

  • The toughest one for him to place outside the ring

  • Noboru had to wrestle with how differently Mongolians in Japanese you time

  • To survive in Japan

  • He would have to find a way to beat the clock

  • Inova route Homeland

  • People traditionally spent days Outdoors

  • Tending to large herds of sheep goats and horses

  • Play seasonally move from place to

  • The place searching for fresh grass for their animals

  • In this way they turn to follow Lou schedules because Crossing long distances over rough ground and extreme

  • Weather is difficult

  • The estimate time from the position of the

  • The Sun and

  • Climate patterns

  • Then circumstances change quickly

  • Mongolians have been used to flexible schedules

  • Instead of setting certain times to meet

  • They often arranged appointment before noon

  • Afternoon for

  • At night

  • Patiently waiting for others is normal

  • As long as they arrive within the specified block of

  • What time they are on time

  • This is very different from the practice in Japan

  • Where person is late

  • If he or she shows up even one minute past the appointed time

  • Japanese would rather arrive 5 minutes early for date

  • To avoid an embarrassing situation

  • Beyonce's on being on time started in the 1800

  • During Japan's Industrial Revolution

  • When idle Machinery mint lost

  • Prophet

  • Factory owners demanded that workers punch in on time for shifts

  • So that they could meet tight production schedule

  • What number was still adapting to life in his newly adopted country

  • He wants me to big mistake

  • On one occasion when some other Junior Mongolian wrestlers

  • Lost track of time and returned late from an evening birthday party

  • What's worse

  • They didn't contact their coach immediately

  • Therefore

  • These young people were scolded and punished so severely by their Furious master

  • That they actually ran away and considered quitting Sumo altogether

  • Although afterward most of them decided

  • Stay

  • They never forgot the lessons they learned about being late and the Land of the Rising Sun

  • From then on they never dare to

  • To come back late or oversleep

  • It is Apparent from noboru story that people from different cultures view time in their own ways

  • With people connecting with others from different cultures

  • They develop new concepts of time

  • However

  • Old habits are hard to

  • To change

  • Germans who believe that

  • Time is money

  • Might think that having a 2-hour lunch break is a waste of time

  • On the other hand

  • Spanish people have a saying

  • Viva La Vida

  • Which means live life and enjoy everyday

  • They might think to ours is barely long enough to eat relax and socialize

  • Without a doubt

  • Times may change

  • But culture runs.

Unit 1

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