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  • but sex is good.

  • Sex is good.

  • Do it when you get the chance to do it, Have fun, make love, Let it blossom, but do it right?

  • That weird section.

  • Who is out here doing that weird section, You know who you are, Who's doing that?

  • Stop that shit.

  • You know who you are pissing on people?

  • That is not lovemaking.

  • Stop getting that high, you like that.

  • Let me drink two more cups of water and I got a little mofo.

  • Yeah, no, cut it out, cut it out.

  • Doing that weird section and whoever is doing that s mm stop it.

  • Okay, listen, if you want to do a little something, you just gotta be gentle.

  • Is it called S.

  • M.

  • S.

  • And M.

  • S.

  • And M.

  • I don't do it so I don't know.

  • You know, I mean, listen, ain't nothing wrong with a little pop on the ass.

  • Okay, I'm a pop on the ass man.

  • You know, I know how to do it though, I've been trained for that and everything.

  • You boom here, boom, they show you ways of how you're supposed to do that one leg hit the other leg here, stop popping your pop.

  • When you pop, you come up off it like that pop come up off it like that, you know what I'm saying?

  • That means you're not actually trying to hurt him.

  • You're just trying to make them feel that sting and you're trying to come up off it like that, but when you pop and plow them into the fucking wall.

  • Then it's starting to get real brutal in there.

  • You don't want that, that's brutal sacks.

  • You don't want to be mothers of how your dick and pull your dick out and then drop your foot on the back of their neck.

  • That's that's that's not how you wanna do.

  • You wanna take hot curlers and put it up onto their stomach and burn their stomach.

  • Talk about you love me, you love me.

  • That's that's that's that's just not what you want to do.

  • I'll see some white boy boy tell this lady kick me in my balls real hard right now right now she said oh he's uh yeah fuck yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • I've seen the lady have a nipples clamped and had had a clamp to the door and have somebody slammed the door.

  • Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

  • Now throw the doors, take them off the hinges and throw the doors.

  • Yeah yeah.

  • So please be gentle with that you know?

  • And who is putting gerbils in the eggs?

  • Stop it.

  • Them terribles ain't done nothing to nobody.

  • Them little rodents ride that wheel you snatch and put it in your ass.

  • Stop that.

  • I hope they scratch your ass out.

  • Hope you wind up in the hospital.

  • It sounded like a chinese movie.

  • Doctor doctor rulings to my uh scratch his ass out little rolling, scratch his ass you know the doctor going to tell you I can get them out, I can get him out but first you're gonna have to fill out some paperwork.

  • Oh real Doctor hurry up decorating.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

but sex is good.

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Martin Lawrence Live (2002) - Weird Sex Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

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