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  • Hello, and welcome back.

  • Now, have you ever found it difficult to start a conversation in English in a formal situation?

  • If so, let me help.

  • Today, I'm going to demonstrate to you guys some real-life bad examples that I've had the pleasure of witnessing and contrast them with how to do it successfully.

  • Have a look at this.

  • [Situation 1 { Asking someone where they live}.]

  • Here's how not to ask someone where they live.

  • Where's your house?

  • Okay, so if you want to start a conversation with somebody about where they live, don't be so direct.

  • A better example would be, So, have you come far, or … ?'

  • -Just down the road. -Just down the road?

  • It's worth noting that if you ask a British or a European person, they'll probably respond to you in miles or kilometres, whereas Americans usually respond in minutes and hours.

  • [Situation 2 {Talking about the weather}.]

  • Hi.

  • Here's how not to start a conversation about the weather.

  • Does the sun make you sweaty?

  • Okay, if you want to start a conversation about the weather, don't say this.

  • A much better example would be, 'I tell you what, it's getting hot, isn't it?'

  • Yeah, it is.

  • -Really hot. -I know. -30 degrees, isn't it? -Yeah.

  • And in contrast, if the weather is bad outside, you could say, 'Oh, it's miserable out there, isn't it?'

  • I had a really, really good time. -[Situation 3 {Asking how they know the host.]

  • It was amazing. --[Situation 3 {Asking how they know the host.]

  • Here's now not to ask someone how they know the host.

  • Do you know someone?

  • So, if you want to start a conversation with someone about how they know the host, this would be a bit weird.

  • Instead, a better example would be, 'So, sorry, how do you know John?'

  • From work.

  • -Yeah. -Oh, from work, is it? -Yeah. -Oh, right, nice, okay, yeah, I know him

  • Just remember that generally, us Brits are a lot less direct than most other nationalities, so I would advise you not to translate phrases from your native tongue into English.

  • Instead, just use these phrases that I've shown you today.

  • Great to see you guys again.

  • As ever, don't forget to like and share me on all the social media you can find, as well as subscribe to this channel.

  • Now, go forth and make conversation.

  • Good luck!

Hello, and welcome back.

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