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Bonjour Internet!
It's Thursday. Your favorite day of the week.
And today we're gonna talk about safety tips for travel.
Numero uno, I've said it before and I will say it again.
you can never do too much research for a trip.
And it's the kind of research that will help you.
Google Maps is my BFF.
Wherever I'll be staying,
I type in the address and check out the proximity of neighborhoods,
nearby subway, bus stops, and using street view,
I actually walk around and check out the area.
And make sure that there isn't anything fishy
I should know in advance about
That way, when you arrive,
you won't be totally lost.
Tip numero dos,
research and read up on the culture of the place.
You wanna be aware of what you're not supposed to do.
Am I not supposed to wear short shorts?
Am I not supposed to wear skimpy bikinis?
And the golden rule?
Do as the locals do.
On to a big subject,
theft and pickpocketing.
If you haven't seen my video of how to keep your passport safe,
please do.
Number 1, keep not just your eyes but your hands on your bags, purses and totes.
Slinging them on to the back of a chair,
leaving them under chairs,
make them easy targets for stealing.
Or for leaving behind.
Number 2, get into the habit of looking back.
Before you get out of that cab,
before you get up from that table,
Look back and make sure you're not leaving anything behind.
Number 3, if you're carrying electronic equipment
make sure that you don't have a bag that screams out:"I have thousands of dollars in equipment!"
If you're shopping, consolidate and put all your booty in one bag.
And as for music,
leave that music for the plane.
Disconnecting from an environment can make you less aware and more vulnerable.
And some common sense,
do not walk into a dark alley in the middle of the night alone.
You wouldn't do it at home, would you?
Do not get crazy drunk.
For obvious reasons,
just don't do it!
And finally, get in touch with that sixth sense.
We all have it.
and it's usually right.
If the food looks too weird,
don't eat it.
If the cab doesn't really look like a cab,
and you don't wanna go on it,
don't go on it!
If that guy or that girl gives you the heebie-jeebies,
stay away.
Trust your instincts.
But honestly I've said it before,
the world is a nicer, safer place than people give it credit for.
Chances are, you will be the one leaving something behind
or you will be the one not abiding by the rules.
So just be prepared.
That's it for today!
Come back next Thursday for some more travel tips.
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Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
And see you next Jueves (Thursday).
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Travel Tips: Safety First

111047 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on June 19, 2015
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