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  • Try not to be too shy, but smart enough.

  • Not too smart, 'cause if you're too smart... heh, you're not going to be married.

  • You need to wear, like, nice clothes when you go for the first date and not be late.

  • Typical German thing: Don't be late; be on time.

  • First date, you only have one impression, so don't mess that one up.

  • Being late, that's the ultimate cut-you-off-at-the-knee; that's it, you don't even get a second chance.

  • Definitely no multi-dating.

  • It doesn't work like that.

  • On the very first date, the guy shouldn't expect his date to be very expressive, because a typical Indian girl will take her time to be candid and to open.

  • Greek guys have a lot of ego and pride, so if you want a second date, just praise his ego.

  • Don't have sex the first night.

  • You should never date someone that doesn't have religion.

  • Almost everyone in Jamaica has some form of religion, so it's taboo if you date someone that doesn't.

  • Don't talk religion.

  • It's just a no-no.

  • We would call it sectarianism.

  • Probably getting too drunk on the first date.

  • I feel like this is an everything problem.

  • For us, it's just asking what religion somebody is.

  • - Or getting too drunk. - Yeah.

  • Trinidad is real small, so if you and I are going on a date, you cannot lie to me.

  • Because, probably, my neighbor is cousins with your sister, brother, auntie, uncle, something, and I know everything about you already.

  • Don't show up on a date broke, because like, you have a lot of guys that say they wanna take you out and then don't have any money to take you out.

  • So if you're a woman, I would say don't kiss on your first date.

  • There is no kissing, no touching, stuff like that, and usually when we are dating, we're hiding it from our parents.

  • Never, ever have s*x or kiss on your first date, or the first days of dating.

  • Not to be the most touchy, uh, PDA is not a big thing in Indonesia. It's actually a big no-no.

  • Living with your partner before getting married is definitely still a taboo.

  • We should not kiss or have s*x until the third date if you wanna have a serious relationship.

  • You can't touch each other on the first date.

  • No kissing, no nothing, even though, right now, like you know, we're getting more wild.

  • You need to always be like apart like respecting each other's space and not touching - that's a bit of a taboo.

  • I think...also like s*x obviously is a taboo. We don't talk about that. It doesn't exist!

  • Dating in Denmark is fairly open, but one taboo that is actually pretty funny is probably deciding when you're now exclusive and in a relationship versus not, so that step seems basic but it's really not in Denmark.

  • First do not, same sex, taboo.

  • Also like for women like never ever give it up so easy on your first date.

  • So for us, guys we're like come on, for real?

  • And she's like - no, you know my mom and...I don't want you to think that I'm this, that I'm whatever, and we're like, tsk, really?

  • Like we're very friendly people, so if you wanna get results fast you have to be upfront that you're interested romantically.

  • When the girl's taking the first step or asking the guy out first, it's like an implicit rule that it has to be the guy who makes the first move.

  • I would say politics, it's very like...people get very passionate about it.

  • You don't wanna give shoes or sneakers or heels or whatever shoes related as a gift because it is believed they will run away with those shoes.

  • Don't dress like me. At all. And also do not look like an ashawo. You find out the meaning of that later.

  • First date you have to not show too much, anything sexy, not showing a lot of skin.

  • You have to be formal in the first date to give a good impression.

  • The girl should not be the one paying on the first date.

  • As a woman never to pay for the first date.

  • You don't do it. Don't even reach out for the wallet. You just sit there and look pretty.

  • OK on the first date, the guy has to at least offer to pay.

  • I feel like opinions are changing now and some people are okay with splitting the bill, but he has to at least offer.

  • If he doesn't, it's not a good look.

  • Don't be a cheap date.

  • If you want to impress a Chinese woman, don't spare your expenses.

  • There is absolutely no bigger turn off than your budget friendly tactics such as going Dutch.

  • Going Dutch means splitting the bill, but on the first date actually you should not split the bill. After that you can split it.

  • If a guy invites a Russian girl for a date for the first time, he makes sure that the bill is paid by a man. It is a kind of etiquette and respect.

  • In Belarus the man pays.

  • If you take a girl out on a date, you better be paying, otherwise she's not gonna come home with you.

  • In Romania you have to pay on the first date, there is no discussion.

  • When it comes to day-to-day dating culture, don't expect your girl to pay for the date, because that will be a bad impression on you; she will expect you to be a gentleman.

  • Australians are pretty autonomous and that goes for both males and females, so even though a male may like to pay for the first date, there is nothing wrong with splitting the bill.

  • Some men, they put the car keys or wallets, or these kind of things on the table, and that is not something good to do on the first date.

  • I would say don't go in for the first kiss on the first date.

  • Look at your phone all the time during the date. It's not really good to talk about your ex, not ideal to get drunk during the first date either.

  • To talk about your ex on the first date, to cry on the first date maybe, bring your mom or dad with you -- those would be my top three.

  • Sometimes people bring their friend or their parent on a date, and they disguise it with being like fun like: my mom's my best friend. If she likes you, that's how you know we're gonna get together.

  • It's like, I didn't expect to meet your mother the first time I meet you.

  • Don't talk about the ex girlfriends, politics, money, whatever thing like that. Just gonna have a really nice night.

  • Be cordial, don't use like foul language, and definitely show up for the date.

  • If you don't do that, a girl will chase you down, she will hunt you down, and it will be a scandal. Believe me. It won't be a pretty sight.

  • Brazilians are just natural. I dunno. It's just fluent. I think this is the most taboo. And girls are not sluts. We don't have sex with you guys; we just are nice.

  • Anything goes with Chileans.

  • You can do anything on the first date. You can tell them they are the love of your life. You can ask to move in together. You can rent a motel room.

  • There are no real first dates cause everyone gets romantic beforehand, and after that, anything goes!

Try not to be too shy, but smart enough.

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