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  • Hello everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle speech. I've got a really interesting question today how  

  • do we say broom and bloom and brush and blush. So this question gets um to talking about  

  • consonant clusters, with an l and an r soundand how to make those different. So let's  

  • go ahead and take a look at these words. We have broom and bloom, brush and blush

  • So quickly let's just talk about the endings for  broom and bloom: you're going to end with the oom  

  • oom, and to do that you're going to pucker, and  then you're going to close your lips for the m.

  • And then for the brush and blush  we're going to end with ush 

  • Just a short u - so your mouth is  just going to be open and relaxed,  

  • and then you're going to pucker sh sh sh 

  • ush ush ush So for the u relaxed and open mouth, nice short u  

  • sound uh, and then move to the puckered mouth shhfor the sh sound two letters one sound ush ush

  • All right so for the br what are we going to  do - my tip is - make sure that your tongue  

  • is ready for the r sound before you even start  the b sound, to do that, back of your tongue  

  • is pulled up really really high in your mouthit's almost touching the roof of your mouth,  

  • and it's nice and tense, okay, the tip  of your tongue can do one of two things

  • the tip of your tongue can either be pointed  down towards the bottom of your mouth,  

  • some people even have it all the  way in the bottom of their mouth

  • Or the tip of your tongue can be flipped back  away from your front teeth, and if your tongue  

  • is flipped back away from your front teeth, make  sure at no point when you're saying your r sound  

  • in american english, do you touch your teeth. We  do not touch the teeth when we say the r sound.  

  • It's going to be a nice long and strongmore like a vowel sound, so i'm ready for my r  

  • and then, got my tongue there, everybody ready  now, you're going to close your lips to say the b,  

  • br br br

  • So i'm closing my lips for the b, my  tongue is in the position for my r,  

  • and then, I open my lips and as I open  my lips to that square tense shape,  

  • I'm already in the position for  the r with my tongue. br br br

  • So we have broom and brush broom and brush

  • Now for the b l, to do that you're going  to start with the b, your tongue is just  

  • hanging out in your mouth for that b sound,  b, because we make the b more with our lips,  

  • right, then you are going to think about as you  open your mouth your tongue is going to move as  

  • you open your mouth and it's going to touch  the back of your top front teeth. bl, bl, bl 

  • So you can see my lips are opening, and as my lips  are opening, at the same time, my tongue is moving  

  • to touch the back of my top front teeth, I am  not opening my mouth and then saying the l,  

  • if i did that, it would sound like ba l, and I don't want that extra vowel sound  

  • in there, I want it to be nice and  smooth from the b to the l. bl bl bl

  • So let's put this all together  bloom brush bloom brush  

  • blush oh my gosh I made a mistake let me  try that again bloom blush bloom blush.

  • So let's try them all together we have broom brush bloom blush 

  • broom bloom brush blush let's try those one more time  

  • broom brush bloom blush broom bloom brush blush 

  • And now for some sentences: The florist used the broom to sweep the blooms  

  • that were on the floor. And 

  • Idon't need a hairbrush because I don't have any  blush on so I want to keep my hair on my face

  • So give it a try people are going to notice the  difference - if you found this helpful please  

  • share us with your friends and  give us a like, if you don't mind,  

  • if you are looking for some more help check out  our products on google play and itunes and all  

  • of our class options at tarle speech. Thank you thanks so much everyone!

Hello everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle speech. I've got a really interesting question today how  

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How to Pronounce BROOM, BLOOM, BRUSH, BLUSH - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/07/30
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