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  • CRASH (People Scream)

  • tires screeching

  • engine revs

  • tires screeching

  • I know what it is like to be every cop ever chasing us

  • I'm going to get a little closer and I'm going to pin him

  • Oh so you are going to pin Dom? Little nobody has clearly lost his little mind.

  • engine revs

  • Tires Screeching

  • Tires Screeching

  • I'm on him.

  • Easy work together




  • I'll take the short cut

  • off screen: Look out, watch those people.

  • Big sexy coming through

  • Not this time Dom.

  • watch the drag or the line will snap.

  • stretch him out, hold him

  • He's got to have about 2000 horsepower in that thing.

  • Drop 3000

  • Try 5

  • get out of there.

  • I'm working on it

  • Off Screen: Stop working on it and do it

  • NO NO NO NO This is my Bentley

  • yelling: OWWWWW, NO

  • Yell

  • yell: AAAAAAAAA

  • Crash

  • Get that case and run.

CRASH (People Scream)

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