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  • Hello.

  • I'm Ryan Reynolds and I'm jake Gyllenhaal and we're doing a wired auto complete interview.

  • Mhm.

  • Google your own.

  • Everyone has at some point in their lives and you're like, oh God is Ryan Reynolds?

  • Debbie Reynolds Sons, wow, would be incredible stories.

  • I would have to, the war story is Ryan Reynolds related to Ryan Gosling Canada had sex with America and then they made the two of them and they're twins and both of them tried to eat each other in the womb.

  • But they didn't, they survived because of the trauma.

  • They both became actors.

  • I can't feel my life is Ryan Reynolds missing a tooth.

  • What do you know?

  • These are all my teeth.

  • What the hell's going on?

  • Ryan Reynolds is missing.

  • A lot of things.

  • Get this calf implants out too while we're at It is Ryan Reynolds.

  • Oh, he's If radiant look, you punch, punch a couple 100 orphans and suddenly you're me.

  • Oh yeah, give me that.

  • Yeah, Right here.

  • Oh God, what is Jake Gyllenhaal?

  • This could just end right there.

  • What is Jake Gyllenhaal?

  • Is Jake Gyllenhaal?

  • You know what it is?

  • Your zodiac sign?

  • Yeah, you're Capricorn.

  • What was Jake Gyllenhaal's first movie, october Sky, nope, It was a big movie, nope, no.

  • What was it?

  • A Dangerous woman?

  • Maybe.

  • I think it was called your parents that you be in a movie called a Dangerous Woman.

  • What does he eat?

  • Well, funny, you should ask baby pandas.

  • What does Jake Gyllenhaal tattoos say?

  • I don't have tattoos man, what time was Jake Gyllenhaal born?

  • I think was born early in the morning.

  • I'm pretty sure I was need early in the morning.

  • My dad, he doesn't pull out of anything.

  • I hope that you learn more about me today than you knew before.

  • Really did.

  • I really did feel closer to you.


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