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  • Um, hi.

  • -Hi. -Is Monica around?

  • I-I have to ask her something.

  • Doin' her laundry.

  • What's that?

  • It came in the mail today.

  • It's, uh, 72 long-stemmed red roses, one for each day that I've known and loved Emily cut up into mulch.

  • Oh, honey, that's awful.

  • Well, it's not so bad.

  • Monica's gonna make Potpourri.

  • I think I'm gonna ... go wander out in the rain for a while.

  • But it-it's not raining.

  • I can't catch a break.

  • You know what, Ross? You're not going anywhere.

  • You're gonna sit right here.

  • I'm gonna make you a cup of tea, and we're gonna talk this whole thing out.

  • All right.

  • Okay.

  • -Hey, Dave. -Yeah.

  • Um, listen, I'm gonna need to take a rain check.

  • My roommate is just really sick.

  • Okay? Okay, bye.

  • Honey, listen.

  • I know, God, I know things seem so bad right now and that...

  • Rach?

  • Could I talk to you just for a minute?

  • I-I dropped some socks.

  • Yeah, okay.

  • What is the matter with you?

  • D-do you wanna fall into the trap?

  • Do you wanna fall into the trap?

  • You did not drop any socks!

  • I just ran into Dave, and he told me you blew him off.

  • I mean, you listen to me.

  • Now, I'm calling the shots.

  • I say you leave Ross alone and go get Dave.

  • What the hell are you trying to do?

  • Well, ultimately, I was trying, you know, I wan-wanted ... to tell him, you know, I was still in love with him.

  • What?

  • You cannot tell him that.

  • Why? Why not?

  • People love to hear that.

  • I make the decisions, and I say no.

  • Well, you know what?

  • No, you don't make my decisions because you're fired.

  • You can't fire me.

  • I make your decisions, and I say I'm not fired. Ha!

  • Well...

  • Rachel! Come on, let me in.

  • Having some trouble?

  • Rachel locked the door.

  • I'll kick that door in if you give me a little sugar.

Um, hi.

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Friends: Rachel Fires Monica (Season 5 Clip) | TBS

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