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  • obviously lighting is

  • all-important if i took the most beautiful dish of food and put it in direct sunlight it would look

  • awful

  • now why why does it look awful? the highlights are so bright the shadows are so dark

  • every single glisten of food picks up a high light of light so what we do

  • is create a sort of quiet lighting environment possible for that food

  • say here we are in the mews my sort of ideal

  • space to

  • shoot i have a

  • big south facing window

  • which during the summer can actually be a bit much

  • and we will put a little sheet over the window to stop the big sunlight

  • coming through what we have is the north facing light that never gets direct

  • sunlight

  • it's just a very soft light

  • if the sun is shining strongly it'll reflect off the buildings in but its never

  • too harsh and that's the most important thing

  • and what we do is

  • regulate the light with

  • diffusion or reflexion

  • either diffuse strong light or

  • reflect light back in to the picture

  • we can create shadows we can but all done with daylight

  • and all done with either a silver surface a white surface or a

  • black surface

  • black creating shadow

  • white creating reflection

  • simple as that

  • if you'll see more of my food photography masterclass videos click on the

  • links now

obviously lighting is

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David Loftus Photography Masterclass - Lighting PART 1

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