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  • Ok, everyone!

  • One minute left to finish your tests.

  • Ok, time's up!

  • Luca, I have your exam marks here,

  • Can you explain to me how you and Dani  have exactly the same answers on the test?

  • Teacher... I don't know!

  • Maybe she was looking at my  test...

  • Dani has the highest grades in the class.

  • She can read my mind?

  • I don't think so!

  • So I don't know what happened.

  • Ok, I've talked to Dani already and you both will take another test tomorrow.

  • Whoever is lying is in hot water.

  • Uh-oh!

  • So honey, what's the plan for tonight ?

  • I had a long day at work.

  • All I want to do now is have a beer and rest.

  • Really? Don't you want to take me to my favorite restaurant?

  • No, let's just order a pizza.

  • Oh, I know! Maybe we can go see that new movie I was telling you about.

  • But the game is on!!!

  • Oh well, I guess I will celebrate my birthday with my friends and without my husband.

  • Oh man, now I'm in hot water.

  • Whoa whoa whoa... Slow down!

  • You guys are gonna have an accident!

  • I'm faster than you... lala lala...

  • Oh no!!! My mom's favorite vase.

  • I'm gonna be in so much hot water.

  • She'll be furious when she gets home.

  • I'm sorry! We can try to fix it.

  • Good idea. I'll get some glue!

  • Craft time!

Ok, everyone!

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In hot water - Learn English Idioms

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