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  • Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your pronunciation question.  

  • Today's question can be a very embarrassing  mistake if you pronounce this word incorrectly,  

  • and the word that we are going to talk about today  is fact - and that means information or evidence

  • I'm sorry i just hit my light . Um so let's take a look at that  

  • word we have fact f a c t. 

  • So we are going, let's talk about this word  first, and then I'll give you the mistake  

  • in a little bit, so stay tuned! So to say this word correctly,  

  • we're going to start with the f sound ffff And to do this you are going to let the air  

  • move out of your mouth continuously, and you are  going to either gently bite the inside, or the  

  • outside of your bottom teeth, it's not really  a true bite, it's like your teeth are touching,  

  • and the air is going to continue to move out, So that means your lips need to be open.

  • Then here's the important sound here we  are going to move to that open ah sound

  • It's a very american sound, we're going to  open our mouth very wide, in a circle, ah,  

  • and when you do that, the tip of my tongue is  very low in my mouth, and the back of my tongue is  

  • pulled up high towards the roof of my mouth - ah. Next keep your tongue in relatively the same  

  • position, and your mouth will  close a little bit for the k,  

  • and then bring the tip of the tongue from the  bottom of the mouth to the top of the mouth  

  • behind the top front teeth, and you're going to  say that t sound. Let's put it all together fact

  • fact fact fact fact fact

  • Now the fact of the matter is if you  say this word incorrectly it could  

  • sound like you are saying [ __ ] um which is  a very bad situation, and it can also mean  

  • sexual intercourse, it tends to be um, a word  that we wouldn't use maybe at work so much,  

  • or um in polite conversation, so  you want to avoid that mistake.

  • So let's give this word  one more try fact fact fact 

  • So give it a try I know people are  going to notice the difference

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  • Thanks everyone have a great week!

Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your pronunciation question.  

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How to Pronounce FACT - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/07/23
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