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  • I'm having some kind of hair issue here...

  • Hey guys, how's it going? My name is Micaela and today we are in Okinawa at Tomari Iyumachi,

  • which is a "sakana-ichiba", a fish market where they mainly specialize in selling tuna,

  • "maguro", and today we are here to see a special show that showcases how one whole fish is

  • cut into different types of sashimi!

  • Check it out!

  • Today at Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market, they're carving a "bincho maguro", or, in English,

  • an Albacore Tuna.

  • Although there are many factors in determining the price of a single fish, a tuna fish about

  • this size will usually sell for around 2man yen, or $200.

  • In less than a minute of carving the fish, we already have our first piece of sashimi.

  • Zuniku is taken from the head of the fish, is considered rare and a delicacy, as you

  • can only get two stems per fish.

  • One interesting thing to note is that the entire carving of this maguro is done with

  • only one knife. This is partially thanks to the soft and smooth texture of the albacore

  • tuna, once the skin is broken, the knife glides cleanly along the inside of the fish.

  • The next piece of sashimi produced before us iskamatoroit's an oily and fatty

  • meat, located near the collarbones of the fish. Since this rare cut only makes up about

  • 3% of an entire tuna fish, you're not likely to find it in sushi restaurants.

  • Next, up, “ookakumaku”, or the diaphragm of the tuna. You might be surprised to know

  • that yes, this can be eaten as sashimi as well.

  • By the way, as one fisherman carves the fish, another is preparing the sashimi so that onlookers

  • can enjoy the different flavours and compare the textures, right there on the spot.

  • Finally the main cuts of the tuna are produced. These massive cuts are what go on to become

  • sashimi and sushi in traditional Japanese restaurants.

  • But there is one more special portion of the tuna that shouldn't be overlooked:

  • The leftover flesh on the spine of a fish is callednakaochi”, it's scooped up

  • with a spoon and served raw, and it's so soft and delicious~

  • The larger blocks are then cut into smaller pieces of sashimi, and as you can see, just

  • a single quarter of one fish can produce a lot of sushi.

  • For only $200 per fish, it doesn't seem like such a bad investment, does it?

  • Finally, it's time to eat!

  • Here we are:

  • Kamatoro, Ookakumaku, Zuniku, and Naka-Ochi.

  • Four delicacies you can probably only experience when you eat them straight at the source.

  • Itadakimasu!

  • It's very chewy!

  • All the different areas of the fish are like...

  • Yeah, the flavors are all different, the textures are totally different too.

  • We're at a folding table in a fish market, but it tastes like we're eating a full-tuna

  • course in a high-end sushi restaurant!

  • So as I'm sure a lot of you guys know, "Bluefin Tuna" is an endangered species on the brink

  • of extinction, the fish we saw today, the Albacore Tuna is also although not endangered

  • ~yet~ , the populations are decreasing, so it is really important that when you consume

  • tuna, to keep responsibly, don't waste your food, and be conscious of the fact that the

  • less we consume the better.

  • I know it's a weird message to kind of like, stick at the end of a video that shows you

  • how sashimi is made but I think it's important to say! You know, it's educational but it's

  • also, you should know that we do have to be careful with how we consume tuna in the next

  • couple of years, or else our future generations wont be able to enjoy it! And it is very delicious,

  • so that would be a shame.

  • Anyway.

  • Gotta go.

  • Bye!

I'm having some kind of hair issue here...

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Japanese Tuna Carving Show | ビンチョウマグロの解体ショー

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    Summer posted on 2021/07/23
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