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  • So, today I wanted to help you learn the English phrase "I can't stand it."

  • This is a phrase that we use when we don't like something.

  • Maybe you don't like cake.

  • I'm sure there's some people in the world that don't like cake.

  • And if someone said to you, "Hey, would you like a piece of cake?" you could say, "No, ah, I don't like cake, I can't stand it."

  • So when you say "I can't stand it," it's kind of emphasizes the fact that you don't like cake.

  • You can also use this for people.

  • If someone said, "Oh, Joe is coming over," you could say, "Aw, really? I can't stand him."

  • It's not a nice thing to say, but if that's how you feel about Joe, that's one way that you could express that you dislike him.

  • You could say, "Aw, I can't stand him. He's so annoying when he talks."

  • So, if you want to say you don't like something, you can say, "I can't stand it."

  • If you want to say that you don't like someone, you could say that you don't, that you "can't stand them."

  • I'm having trouble talking today.

  • And that would be saying that you dislike them or it.

  • I also wanted to talk today about another phrase with the word stand in it, and that's the phrase "stand a chance."

  • When we use this phrase, we are asking, usually asking someone if they think that something might happen.

  • So, let's say there's someone you really like, and you want to ask them out on a date.

  • You could say to a friend, "I want to ask to this guy or this girl. Do you think I stand a chance?"

  • And what you're asking there is, "Do you think they will say yes if I ask them out?"

  • You could say, "Oh, I'm gonna buy a lottery ticket. Do you think I stand a chance of winning?"

  • And so basically what you're asking is, "Do you think, if I bought a lottery ticket, that I might win the lottery?"

  • So, again, if you say, "I can't stand it," it means you don't like something.

  • And if you ask someone if they think you "stand a chance," you're asking if they think something might happen.

  • Anyways, Bob the Canadian here.

  • Hope you're having a good day.

  • It's a beautiful day here in Canada.

  • I hope it is where you are, too.

  • Bye.

So, today I wanted to help you learn the English phrase "I can't stand it."

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