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  • In this English lesson I wanted to help you learn the English phrase, "To pass with flying colors."

  • When you take a test and if you get almost every single answer right, if you get almost every single answer correct,

  • we would say that you were able to pass the test with flying colors.

  • So maybe you went to take a driver's test and you did everything right.

  • You made all of the correct turns.

  • You did everything that the tester asked you to do.

  • We would say that you were able to pass that test with flying colors.

  • Maybe you've just taken an English test and you got almost every answer right,

  • if not all of them, we would then say that you were able to pass with flying colors.

  • So it simply means to do really, really well on a test.

  • The second phrase I wanted to teach you today is the phrase, "When pigs fly."

  • This is a phrase that we sometimes say in English.

  • It's a little bit of an older phrase.

  • I haven't heard it a lot recently, but I did hear it on the news the other day.

  • When you say, "When pigs fly," you're saying that something will not happen, okay.

  • If you said to me, "Bob, do you think that someday you'll jump out of a plane with a parachute?"

  • I would say, "When pigs fly."

  • That basically means that that will never happen.

  • I have no plan to ever jump out of a plane with a parachute.

  • I'm afraid of heights. It just does not interest me at all.

  • If you said to me, "Bob, are you gonna go parachuting tomorrow?"

  • I would say, "Well, that's not gonna happen tomorrow."

  • And I would say, "When pigs fly, that's the day when I'll go parachuting."

  • So to review, when you pass something with flying colors, it means you do a really good job on a test,

  • and you get a really good mark or grade.

  • And if someone says to you, "When pigs fly,"

  • they're basically saying that something is never going to happen.

  • But hey, let's look at a comment from a previous video.

  • This comment is from my buddy, Brent from "American English With This Guy."

  • "I totally agree about the short days in the winter. I always dread that time of year. Why can't summer last forever?"

  • And my response was this, "Yeah, it's weird when you're coming home from work at four o'clock in December and it's already getting dark."

  • Yeah, I think I forget what it's like to live in the place I live in terms of the seasons and the length of the days.

  • I really enjoy the fact that the days are super long in the summer.

  • We can get up early in the morning.

  • We can enjoy a full day of rest or work or whatever we're doing, and it doesn't get dark till nine or 10 at night.

  • The third week of June, it's still light out at 10:00 p.m. here, light enough to be able to be outside and do stuff.

  • So I think, I just think that's normal.

  • I forget that many of you live closer to the equator, and you probably have day lengths that are very similar all the time.

  • But for us here, yeah, it's kind of cool.

  • But as Brent said,

  • Brent from "American English With This Guy," that's his YouTube channel, by the way, in the winter, in the dead of winter, it's not as enjoyable.

  • You end up coming home from work at four o'clock or 4:30, and by the time you get home,

  • it's already dark out and you can't do anything outside.

  • So that's the drawback, okay?

  • The advantage is we have really long days in the summer.

  • The disadvantage is that we don't have very long days in the winter.

  • I wanted to show you, I'm not sure if you can see it, we are having a very hazy day here in Ontario, Canada.

  • There are forest fires far to the north.

  • That's actually that direction, by the way.

  • There are forest fires, but the smoke from the forest fires is actually traveling all the way to this area.

  • And then combined with that, it's already very, very hot and humid.

  • So when I look in the distance, it looks very hazy.

  • If you look over there where you can see the windmills, it's kind of hard to see them.

  • They're a little bit faint.

  • So anyways, air quality is low, but education quality is high.

  • Bob, the Canadian here, I'll see you in a couple days with another short English lesson.

  • Bye.

In this English lesson I wanted to help you learn the English phrase, "To pass with flying colors."

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Learn the English Phrases WITH FLYING COLOURS and WHEN PIGS FLY!

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