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  • and we're seeing that the higher temperatures are shifting the balance between microbes and human beings.

  • The transportation revolution has a lot to do with this air travel, but the climate conditions have a big impact on that.

  • Let's look at Zika, here is the range of the one Mosquito that they're most worried about and warmer conditions increase that range considerably.

  • But here is the kicker on this.

  • It's not just the mosquito is the virus and the warmer temperatures speed up the incubation rate inside the mosquito.

  • So we get an explosion in the number of cases and now it's spread to Miami florida.

  • And for the first time in history pregnant women have been advised not to go to part of the United States of America.

  • In many areas of Central America and south America.

  • The doctors are delivering a message that I've never heard in my life.

  • They're telling women don't get pregnant for two years while we try to get a handle on this.

  • That's something new in the history of the human race.

  • How long can we just sit back and say, oh well, maybe some genius will think of some miracle, I'm sorry, I'm getting all ah fired up here.

  • But let's step back and take a global view of the increasing temperatures and the extra heat energy, 93% of all this heat energy is going into the oceans.

  • And it has several consequences, the direct consequences that when ocean based storms cross much warmer ocean waters, the storms get stronger and more destructive.

  • Just a few years ago, Superstorm sandy in the atlantic crossed areas of the ocean nine F, warmer than normal.

  • And it caused tremendous destruction in New Jersey and in new york.

  • And by the way, 10 years ago, when the movie, an inconvenient truth came out.

  • The single most criticized scene in that movie was an animated scene showing that the combination of sea level rise and storm surge Would put the ocean water into the 9-11 memorial site, which was then under construction.

  • And people said that's ridiculous.

  • What a terrible exaggeration Something happened last night at one of the most iconic locations in New York, the World Trade Center for Ground zero.

  • A flood of water where the current so strong it flooded the reconstruction.

  • Yeah, yeah.

and we're seeing that the higher temperatures are shifting the balance between microbes and human beings.

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