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  • Campaign in 2016 segments tonight, an interview with Donald Trump, not a believer in global warming.

  • Obama thinks it's the number one problem of the world today and I think it's very low on the list.

  • If you were president, would you invest a lot of money in alternative energy to get away from fossil fuels?

  • Now, solar always sounds better than it is.

  • You know, you get your money back in 36 years.

  • The problem is the panels destroy themselves after 10 years.

  • So, you know, one of the top top professors at MIT, Hey president, thank you so much for coming.

  • Thank you.

  • So we're in relatively early stages of the investigation.

  • But some of these companies and some of the denial organizations and groups like the American Petroleum Institute have been actively seeking to distort the market to suppress investment in renewables through this relatively new line of propaganda.

  • Which is even if everything, you know, al Gore has been saying since the eighties is true, it's going to cost so much money is going to cripple the economy.

  • This it's insidious theme that we've seen before, but it's coming back with a new force.

  • And uh, I think, I think that this is something we're focusing on very intently.

  • We want to know who the groups are, who are doing this.

  • What is their analysis, What's the science and what are the government actions that are being taken, assuming for the moment that the facts prove that's what they did.

  • That's a violation of the law, isn't it?

  • That's consumer and securities fraud.

  • But it's clear that what they've done is essentially try to cripple our ability, mankind's ability to respond to this existential threat.

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

  • A few days ago, the attorney general in the state of new york launched an investigation of Exxonmobil for fraud and funneling money to this new form of denial where people are out there minimizing solar saying it's not going anywhere.

  • Why are you wasting your time on this, etcetera, etcetera?

  • Utility monopolies really, really fear disruption and have woken up and said, wow, the solar thing, I need to crush it before it kills me.

  • The last two weeks we had 55,000 people sign up in Nevada to say I want choice, I want energy freedom.

  • What happened about him now?

  • It's in a massive message, the rest of the country.

  • Yeah, I think so.

  • Yeah.

Campaign in 2016 segments tonight, an interview with Donald Trump, not a believer in global warming.

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