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  • Hello there it's Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your two for Tuesday! These are two words  

  • that are homophones they are words that are  spelled differently have different meanings  

  • but are pronounced exactly the same way - so yes  these words are pronounced exactly the same way!  

  • We have the word chute meaning a slide  and shoot meaning to fire a bullet  

  • or a small plant that's just coming up it  can also mean um shucks - if you say that  

  • as an interjection like oh shoot i didn't remember  to upload that video! Um so let's go ahead and  

  • take a look at these words: we have chute and  shoot so we have the ch and the sh this confuses  

  • some people. Most of the time um in english the  letters c h are two letters that mean one sound  

  • in this case we have two letters that are going  to mean one sound the sh sound. So the s and the  

  • h two letters that stand for one sound and the  ch in this case is going to be the sh sound too.  

  • So to say these words correctly we're going  to start with the sh sound SH round your lips,  

  • let the air continuously move out of your mouthyour tongue is not touching your teeth at all,  

  • you're going to then round your lips even  more into a pucker ooh for that long ooh sound  

  • shoo and then touch the tip of your tongue to  the back of your top front teeth for that t  

  • you're going to pull your lips back  so they're no longer puckered. t t

  • let's put that all together

  • sh ooh t shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot  

  • shoot shoot - and now for a sentence Oh  shoot! I dropped my phone in the mail chute!  

  • Give it a try i know people are going  to notice the difference; if you found  

  • this helpful please please please share us  with your friends and give us a like, don't  

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Hello there it's Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your two for Tuesday! These are two words  

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