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  • Announcer: Richard Armitage, Thorin

  • Announcer: Aidan Turner, Kili

  • Announcer: Rob Kazinsky, Fili

  • Reporter: Richard, we haven’t heard from you yet.

  • Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role?

  • RA: Yeah I'm playing Thorin who is the leader of the dwarves

  • ...of this particular group of dwarves on this particular quest.

  • Reporter: Can you tell us about yourself?

  • RA: Me as a person? Would you like to be a little more specific?

  • I've got 40 years to talk about.

  • Reporter: Why do you think you're suited to this role?

  • RA: That's a good question actually. That might be one for Peter, Fran and Philippa.

  • Reporter: Why do you want to play this role?

  • RA: I just think it's just a really amazing opportunity to take a character

  • ...from a book that I was brought to as a child.

  • I mean my first experience onstage was in a production of The Hobbit.

  • Martin Freeman: Really?

  • RA: At the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. And I played an elf.

  • And Gollum was a little papier mache puppet with a man offstage on a microphone.

  • Off-camera: Michael Sheehan?

  • RA: Yeah his voice was not that different.

  • So it's kind of been in my childhood very prominently so to come to it as an adult,

  • a middle-aged man, and have another look at it is a brilliant opportunity.

  • Reporter: Richard, you mentioned about papier mache Gollum.

  • Are you looking forward to acting against green screens?

  • RA: Yeah, I was in the mocap studio yesterday which is a first for me.

  • I've never quite understood the technogy behind it but it really does appear that it's like being in

  • Avatar the movie and I quite look forward to that.

  • But also I think with this film in particular there's enough creative genius in terms of

  • the art department and the technological department but at the same time

  • I think we're going to get out there in nature and really experience this possibly more so than

  • a purely technical film which is really exciting. It's a good marriage of both I think.

  • Reporter: And you're all going to be covered in prosthetics. Are you looking forward to that?

  • RA: We don't know yet actually.

  • It's still up for grabs, hence the little bit of experimentation in the facial hair department.

Announcer: Richard Armitage, Thorin

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