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  • What happens to the T.

  • And the word fitness?

  • We have a valid if thong and then a.

  • T.

  • And then a continent that T.

  • Is what we call a stop T.

  • So we stopped the air.

  • My tongue goes up into position for the T.

  • Fit nous.

  • But instead of releasing the air I just go into the next continent fit nous.

  • What else?

  • What about the word outside?

  • Out side that little stop is the tea.

  • And don't forget football.

  • Foot, stop the air really quickly.

  • Foot ball.

  • Football, thoughtful thought full.

  • What about this one?

  • Have you heard of Fortnite Fort night?

  • Now they're the sound before the T.

  • Was the are.

  • Okay.

  • That's another case if the sound before the tea is an R.

  • A.

  • Vowel or a defunct.

  • And the sound after the tea is a continent that T.

  • Is a stop.

  • T.

  • Can you think of a word with a stop?

  • T.

What happens to the T.

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How to Pronounce the Stop 'T' in American English | Minute English #shorts

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